The Myth of Ares and Athena

Like the naked leads the blind.

I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind.

Sucker love I always find,

Someone to bruise and leave behind.

All alone in space and time.

There's nothing here but what here's mine.

Something borrowed, something blue.

Every me and every you.

-"Every You, Every Me" -Placebo

Ares was known to surrender to Athena and Athena alone. A war god is not one to surrender, as it is impossible for him to be defeated. She was a warrior goddess, yes, but more-so one of wisdom and purity, as well as a small princess, which gave no reason in the world as to why he would just fall to his knees before the favourite child of Zeus. Yet, he did. He did because he hated her so. He hated her so, only because he had once loved her. She, however, hated him.

She had not always, though. Despite how most Olympians could not stand the God of War, Athena had always looked-up to her brother when it came to his warrior ability. She, who was at that time still figuring out the correct ways to go about battle, enjoyed sparring with him in order to learn war from him, as she did crafts from Hephaestus. She was the Goddess of Wisdom and War Tactic, not battle. She had trouble during the first few spars, as her mind was reeling with so many thoughts. Athena was reason, Ares was passion. To him, fighting was meditative; one had to clear their mind and allow the adrenaline to take over. He taught her to do that. It took a long while, but then one day, she allowed the fight, the warrior nature, to consume her, and she nearly tackled Ares to the ground. The innocent Olympian princess had, for the first time in her life, experienced passion in fight. A passion that turned to a deep and sensual love for the very brother that had trained her.

Their love affair was conducted in secret. It started with a simple kiss in the bathing pond, a kiss that caused so much more fire than they had expected, and resulted in both of the young gods falling into an addictive and intoxicating love for one another. Every free moment the two had, was spent with the other. Olympian council meetings were painful, as when their eyes would meet from across the room, they were struck with such longing that they made some excuse to leave, only to be with one another. Athena was the first woman that Ares ever made love to. She would have been the only, had not Aphrodite, who despite being married to Hephaestus was in love with Ares, discovered the two lovers, and let the affair be known to Zeus.

Zeus was extremely over-protective of Athena, as she was by far his favourite child. However, the love he had for Athena was equal to the hate he bore Ares. Therefore, he did not take the idea of the tryst between the two well. The mighty king was certain that Ares had 'ruined' his virgin daughter, and thus decided to punish him in the worst way possible. He did not banish Ares from Olympus, he did not make him mortal, nor did he send him to the Underworld. To Zeus, those punishments were far too kind. Instead, he simply made it so that everything about their love was taken back. Athena's memory was erased of ever having loved him, her virginity was restored, and the child that she was carrying was gone. Then, a lead-tipped arrow was taken and plunged into her, so that she could only feel hatred towards him from that day forth.

Time passed, but the pain was still carried with Ares. He loved her, but she hated him. He tried to move on by being with many women, including Aphrodite. He remained undefeated in battle, as one would imagine the War God to. However, anytime Athena would come rushing towards him with a spear, he would immediately surrender. He surrendered out of the hope that perhaps he could catch a glimpse in her beautiful grey eyes, and find that somehow, she remembered.