Grim Wondering

She looks at him every day
With the same stare, nothing to say
She hopes it's the real thing
That he's not at all faking

In truth he's a broken man
Nothing in his future plans
Where will he find his heaven? His hell?
In her eyes, or falling down a stairwell?

He just crumbles
He just tumbles

He bought her a flower
Fresh from a spring shower
It wilted in a day or two
Not that he didn't expect it to

Green pastures and falling rain
Thoughts can't heal a tearstain

She's willing to put up with him
Willing to help, through the gray and dim
He's ignorant, every day
She puts up with him anyway

He looks up and forces a smile
Maybe he's worthwhile
He'll never live up to expectation
But she delivers new sensation

He wonders if he could be what she wanted
Wonders if he could just be who she really wanted