What's the point in dreaming of something

That would never happen?

It couldn't; there's just not time for it to occur

And even if there is, then what could become of it?

To all of a sudden have grasped a dream

And then have to leave that dream behind

It's pointless

It's worthless

Not a speck of logic plays part in my desires anymore

It's all emotion

It's all on a whim

Everything is just so random and sporadic

I can't keep track of anything

What's the point in planning for a future

You can't even have?

Trying to hard to acheive in something

That would all totally change before it even got started

Contradicting emotions don't make sense

Like they somehow used to

I don't know how

I've lost all meaning

Just going along, living as if it'll all just be here forever

When really tomorrow could swipe it all away