Rite of Passage

The fantastic people

They're hardships, they're problems

They're tragedies

To say that they are all rites of passage

Is disrespectful almost

If they make it through the life-threatening wreck

If they live through all the beatings

If they survive the scrutiny and doubt

Then they are fit to live

They are meant to live

God was testing them to see who was really strongest

It's like a contest

First place gets by with no regrets

Second place gets by with no scratches

Third only looses one thing dear to them

They're hearing, they're leg, they're arm

But fourth place, oh, poor fourth place

They could'nt make the cut

They couldn't stick it out

Didn't have the strength

Didn't have the courage

So they just wither away

God's chosen them

Because they weren't fit to live?

Now, wait a minute

Does that really make sense?

What about all those good people

Awesome people

Generous people

Who are just victims of cruel tragedies?

Are they just unfit to live?

Is a girl who gets in a wicked car accident

Because some drunk driver rams into her car

Really unfit to live?

Is a boy who was beaten by his father

Since he could remember

Really unfit to live?

Did they not pass the courage test?

The bravery test?

Did they not make the cut?

Were they just too whimpy to suck it up and deal?
Cause that's what calling this all a rite of passage sounds like

These victimized people aren't fit to live

Because they weren't good enough

Is that it?

No, it's not

If it were, then I would be long gone by now

I'm a worse person than majority of the innocent people

Who get killed each and every day

So why am I here?

Why hasn't some horrible tragedy killed me off?

So living through hardships and tragedies

That's not a rite of passage

It doesn't make you superior to those who don't make it

And it certainly doesn't make those who don't make it

Unfit to live