Chapter One

As the last child exited the Mapleleaf School in a small town in upstate Vermont, Dee Fabian could cast aside her teaching job and get started on her private job. Dee went home, packed a summer's worth of clothes and drove to her small plane. She flew nonstop to California where her business was set up. Dee drove her old jeep wrangler with the top off, wind whipping her face and clearing her head. She finally reached her old log cabin, which was standing like a monument in the desert. Later that day Dee met her partner. They met in a small café. Dee sees his Volkswagen Rabbit parked in front. They meet with only glances as Dee is handed an envelope "You've got a good case this time. Have you got your guns asked Brian? Brian was a streetwise hacker, who lived in a trailer on isolated land. Brian could find anyone by computer. They talked about the new case and decided to split the bounty 50/50, as usual.

Dee returned to her cabin and opened a secret room where all her guns and ammo were kept. Dee packed all her favorites for this bounty: two 9mm handguns, one machine gun, one rocket launcher, one net gun, four boxes of bullets, twelve rockets, six nets, and one stun gun. She was prepared for a small invasion. Dee turned on her computer and web cam at exactly eight o'clock. She read the profile on her newest bounty. He was a male, 6'2", 190 pounds, medium build, and blue eyes with sandy hair. She fell in love with him at first sight. But she had loved, divorced, and been scorned. She thought to herself, never again. His name was Matt O'Dell and his bounty was sixty thousand dollars. That would be thirty thousand a piece for Dee and Brian. Brian had tracked Matt to San Francisco where Matt had bought a bus ticket.

Dee flew her plane to San Francisco. She had a lot of ground to cover (that's why she employed Brian). After hours of searching without a lead, Dee needed a drink. She found a small bar called Lloyd's and she ordered her favorite drink, vodka with orange juice Dee needed a pick up after her long day. She swiveled her chair to look at the rest of the small bar. A few guys were passed out and a guy was sleeping in a booth. She looked again and noticed her bounty was the guy sleeping in the booth. Dee casually walked over to the booth and sat down; as she did he woke up suddenly. They exited the bar unnoticed.

After a few hours of driving around, Matt was feeling his head clear and the wind blowing in his face. Dee had handcuffed him to the roll bar. She pulled over and gave him a cup of coffee she had in a thermos. She unlocked one hand so he could drink it.

Dee felt a hard blow to her head and felt herself being pulled out of her seat and onto the ground. She came to hearing her Wrangler trying to start. Matt didn't know about a kill switch that Brian had installed. It was in a spot that only Dee knew about. The kill switch kicked in whenever she put her Jeep in park. Matt turned the key continually hoping it would start, but the engine just wined off unable to start. Dee struggled to get to her feet and Matt decided to bail. Dee charged after him and tackled him to the ground. As they both got back to their feet they did a little tango. With a few well placed punches and kicks she was victorious, although battered and scratched up a little bit. She lugged his body into the back of the Jeep and drove off.

Dee decided to go to Brian's house and get patched up. Dee got there and put Matt in a padded shed that Brian had built for just that occasion. They were sitting down to tea they heard Matt pounding on the outside.

Dee was forced by Brian to stay the night Dee was tired, sore, and cranky and you don't want to see her in any of those states she stayed on Brian's kitchen table, which folded down into a bed. The stiffness Dee felt in the morning was another story as she approached the shed to check on Matt. Before the door was fully opened she was knocked down hard on her back, the pain of defeat in her back as she got to her feet Matt was well into the horizon when he fell. Brian had shot him with a tranquilizer gun .He went down in seconds as it took effect. Brian ran and used zip ties to tie his hands and feet. Dee was staggering towards Brian she gave Matt a swift kick in the gut. Dee helped Brian load Matt into the back of his Volkswagen Rabbit.

She was given some aspirin and her temper was about to bee seen. She told Brian to swing by her jeep so she could pick up two 9mm handguns, extra clips, and her stun gun. Dee was mad she couldn't bring her big toys. Brian brought up the fact that her first car got its roof and the whole car was blown up by Dee's carelessness a perfect waste of a good BMW. Now her Jeep has a top that can be lowered. So far she hadn't blown up her jeep after transporting live ammo across the desert. She laughed at the memory of that she felt so stupid calling Brian to come get her. Her mood was improving when a rocket nearly missed the Rabbit as Brian stopped lurching them forward then back fast in the horizon a car was approaching slowly as it came into view it was a Land Rover in the darkest midnight black there ever was.

Dee's blood was boiling there was only one person who drove a car like that it was Lisa Earl Dee's deadliest rival as it stopped two people got out one was Lisa Earl her self she was about 5'3" with short blond hair, the other was her daughter whose name is unknown to me she was about the same height as her mother with hair of brown and a demon in roller blades. Lisa and Dee walked toward each other slowly with fierce blows they faced each other unarmed just when Dee was getting the upper hand her daughter swooped in fast and knocked Dee down hard on her back her weapons were her hockey skills as I could stand by and watch this no longer I finally acted I took out my tranquilizer gun and shot them both ending the fight. Dee lingered toward me in a heap of pain, as I could see from her face battered and a little bloody as I quickly disabled their Land Rover and climbed back into my Rabbit and floored it till we reached town. I took Matt into the bail bondsman and got our fee then went to the bank and deposited mine in my account and Dee's in hers I went to the drug store and picked Dee some heavy duty aspirin also I bought her a bottle of liquid band aids as she was moaning in misery as I put the liquid on her bleeding, battered face.

On the way home Dee was steaming mad about her duel with Lisa I knew that would pass with time as I fallowed her home. (Just to be safe) The next day I drove over and let my self in Dee was coming around as I was preparing breakfast Dee was not a morning person or a cook she was a little sore and bruised but ok the thing Dee hated most about Brian s visits where that she was forced to drink one cup of earl gray tea for healing. No matter how much she hated it she knew that it would help and after a few days Dee was back to her old gun hoe self. After much talk Brian convinces Dee to come on a cruise they both need breaks after clashing with Lisa Earl aka the watchful owl the cruse was from Maine to Tokyo Japan but we have to go to Boston to catch the ship. On the main dock of Boston harbor we cheeked in and they gave us passes so we could leave the ship at port, on bored there are plenty of activities, sports, and events to do. We get our rooms mine is 400 and Dees is 420 after we finally unpack we go our separate ways doing our own things. It was kind of nice to relax and get away from bounty's and Dee once and a while we both need our space. After a few days of doing things I'm board Dee is having the time of her life, I took a look at what Dee was doing she was by the pool flirting with many men. Dee must be aiming towards her second marriage if she keeps this up.

The trip was going along fine we finally reached Tokyo that's when trouble started I got an e-mail from the top bounty hunter website that only a few top bounty hunters have access to we had a bounty in Tokyo (Oh joy the vacations over). We both took a vote and decided to let this one go to someone else after a few days of shopping Dee got various expensive things as I got computer parts that won't hit the U.S. for at least a few years. On our last night before the cruise is over I say good-bye to Dee as she has to go back to school and now that summer vacation is over. As Dee lands her plane and goes back to Mapleleaf, Vermont she can't help noticing a car fallowing her Dee thinks nothing of it at the time. It was dark when she got home that seemed to feel different to her some how? She couldn't put her finger on it though when she turned o all the lights for a look as she approached her bedroom she opened the door and flicked on the light she was shocked to see a ceramic owl one that she didn't even own? As she lifted the head her eyes froze it was a BOMB counting down from 15 seconds Dees instincts kicked in as she dove out a window and landed in a patch of leaves the groundskeeper had not yet removed.

Just as she gets her bearings her house blew up in a fiery blaze Dee stood mesmerized by the flames unable to move until the towns fire department took 15 agonizing minutes to get there but by then it was just a pile of burning cinders. After getting wind of what happened I got on a plane and flew down there Dee was staying in a hotel and she was a wreck she calmed down after I pressed her favorite 9mm in her hand we had to rebuild her house after the months went by we had finally rebuilt her house bigger and better with a few of my electronic touches. As I was about to fly back home on T.V. was my trailer burnt to the ground by arson they suspect "my home" Brian says as he collapses to the ground in shock after I snap out of It I realize that I've been out for one day. I've got money saved but none that I want to get out I make a desperate decision to go to my father Carl I want to go alone but Dee is scared I will go into shock again we fly to where my father lives in L.A. As we drive down the strip of houses own by the rich and wealthy I tell Dee to turn into a huge manor on the left as I enter the code Dee asks "Is this your house?" No I say it's my father's house I say dryly.

My father is a little loopy I come into the main hall Dee fallows looking from side to side flabbergasted taking it all in as I go to my fathers den I demand that he give me my trust "Well, Well, Well said Carl look who came back your perilous adventures in Bounty hunting reward you so much that your finally broke?? As anger boils to the surface I came to get my trust that mom left me of 100,000,000,000 dollars you poor excuse for a father as he finally gets annoyed he says through his teeth If I give you this you are never to come here again and your no longer my son. As I weight the choices heavily between giving up what I love to do or stay here being jugged by society. I choose to stay where I'm happiest and no longer be his son as we leave hastily Dee is flying me to Mapleleaf she putt's It all together my father wanted me to fallow in his footsteps doing what he wanted me to do not letting me choose my own life.

As we land I break down crying and stop after a few long minutes I decide to live in Mapleleaf with all the money I got I'm building a house one of those monolithic dome houses like the ones you see in popular science It has two floors, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen and garage It looks comfy to live in Dee dragged me off to go shopping (so you know I got everything I need for that house). As the end of summer drew near Dee got ready for next year's school year, the week before she had to go back It was her birthday (Boy wait till she sees my gift) I gave Dee a new 2006 Jeep Liberty she nearly fell over in shock. I told Dee not to blow this one up and only drive this to school and not bounty hunting business It just happens that I got a new car too a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta I'm still driving my Rabbit after all It's a classic of course. It was a late humid night as Brian was setting up his computer room for business when Dee stopped by It was three weeks into the school year and she was wearing a dress (I've never seen Dee in a dress on bounty hunting she just wears jeans) nice look I say dryly as she gives me a quick storm of words. Anyway Dee has to go to the hospital for surgery on her hand "Is It serious I ask?" Yes it will make her arm very weak so she can't even hold a gun much less fire it. I stay by her side, as a good partner should also she is heavily medicated so Dees blabbing a bit now to the more serious matter at hand I ask Dee If she wants to continue being a bounty hunter (after the medication wears off of course).

A whole school year had come and gone Dee had made a complete recovery she finally made her decision she wanted to continue being a bounty hunter Brian knew Dee would keep going at the business so he'd thought ahead and designed her some new toys. First was Dees old Jeep Wrangler Brian had put a turbo charged engine in it and gave it two major accessories The first was an ablative armor that covered the jeeps body so now It looks like it got a new paint job plus windows that could stop a surface to air missile (don't worry the top can still come down though then she'd be valuable). The second feature I put on her jeep were two electro-static cannons and two grappling hook I put one of each on the front and back the electro-static cannon can disable a cars electrical system and the grappling hook has a magnet that holds onto cars and send there occupants on a wild ride. I also made Dee a new gun with an electro-static pulse emitter on it Dee can only stun people and It straps to Dees wrist It also doubles as a video phone, and a mini grappling hook incase Dee wants to swing in. I did the same thing to my Volkswagen Rabbit so no more ambushes by Lisa Earl.

After school was done for this year Dee decided to go into bounty hunting full time and quit school this was hard for Dee to say goodbye after all those years. Brian got an e-mail of our next bounty it was somewhere in Canada apparently it was the same one we rejected in Tokyo this one wouldn't be a pushover it was worth over eight million dollars that's the most that was ever offered. This time Brian was going with Dee a first for me, news on the web was his name was Tie Kumara and he stole a new United States jet that the military was developing It was a new troop jet that's invisible to every kind of radar the military can barely track the homing signal that's how advanced it is.

They posted the code and I did some enhancing of my own I came through as usual I invented some sun and linkup to the ordinary person they look like a pair of sunglasses but add a wrist linkup and they come alive. By simply putting the wrist computer in a mode he programmed the modes are night vision, body heat, weapon scan, x-ray, (for buildings not clothes), 200feet zoom, and a special frequency that will let us see the jet's outline. The only thing is this can't be applied over a huge area like a country but It can be used to track it to a landing location but any longer then that and it burns out the tracking dish but I managed to track it to Deer Island New Brunswick Canada. This was like a second home to me but there was a lot of wilderness to hide a jet we arrive on the ferry where the fog has rolled in so thick that we couldn't see the island or the harbor.

We had gotten food on our way up to my house up this was the one thing that my father had given me for a birthday present as we turned up the gravel hill driveway winding slowly up to the house. It loomed in the fog and looked dead it had been eight years since Brian had ever set foot up there. Memories of a peaceful joyous time in my life came back to me, the house was a two-floor ranch with elegantly done banners on the porch and molding that reaches toward the sky.

As we got inside the house looked old with furniture covered and dust hanging in the air we were tired of driving so Brian showed Dee to her room and said goodnight as I went into my room and pulled the sheet off my bed revealing the comforter that Brian found with moons and suns more elegantly done then he had ever seen anywhere, "I love this comforter Brian mumbled" as he drifted off to sleep. The next day Brian arose early and made breakfast and I waited for the smell to lure Dee out of bed as she crept in slowly and started to eat. Brian told her that we have to clean and repair the house before we started looking for the bounty Brian was more of a cleaning person and Dee was more of a hands on person (literally) Brian cleaned both floors and all the rooms so they shined, Dee went to work on fixing the squeaky kitchen floor. That day the sun shone through all the windows, outside we stood and watched the house go through a change form old to dead to vibrant and inviting that filled us both with warmth as we went to our rooms to prepare for our bounty the next day Brian can't help but stay up a few minutes more and think to himself how much he loves this house and island.

After a long exhausting day of searching through the woods Brian finds the jet with no one on board he can't help thinking to himself how easy this is, as Brian hotwires the jet to only take my commands as he does that he notices a laptop in sleep mode. What was on the screen filled me with fear a list 1Burn down Dees home, 2 Burn down Brian's home, 3 Trap in home and blow up tonight, as Brian rushed home Dee was there then a voice came on and said "So you two thought you could catch me, Well I know all about you courtesy of your rival Lisa Earl given the right drug she told me everything I wanted to know". "To bad about her accident no brakes down a cliff with a car filled with gas cans nether she or her daughter had a chance Goodbye, You Two".

This thought filled Dee's head with fear and pity "She was just trying to be like me and that was her downfall it cost two lives". As a crate that had been cemented to the floor as it popped up Brian realized it was a thormo-nuclar-bomb that had been in the jet for testing by the military It would surely vaporize my home as Brian acted quickly as he had planned for just such an emergency, he had an escape tunnel built "It helps to be paranoid" (ha ha). As we lunch the car it sends us a few hundred feet away as we climb up a surface ladder. We see seven people standing at where my house used to be, six were standing together and one was standing alone we realized that this guy was our bounty Tie Kumara.

Brian watches at the burning crater where my house used to be, Dee takes on the goons and suddenly Brian felt a new power awaken inside him as he charged towards Tie he pulls a gun Brian kicks it out of his hand as that power seemed to fill Brian's every body fiber it was gone Brian had beaten Tie to a pulp he passed out Dee was watching me with a vague, dumbfounded expression. Dee and I took the jet back to the military base (with Dees plane in the hold and short on bomb) as we landed we were greeted by a general as we told the general our story he was happy to get the jet back and that the bomb didn't fall into the wrong hands he gave us a BONUS six million dollars each added to our four million we split 50/50 that made us ten million each (oh yaugh).

We decided to relax after we handed Tie over to the military base police. As we arrive back in Mapleleaf (after our month in Hawaii) Dee found the one thing she feared knocking at her door that day it was her grandmother Nancy, Dee couldn't turn her away after all she was family "Nice place you got here the business doing well?" said her sweet voice mixed with mystery. Brian knocked on the door less then ten minutes after she came Dee and Brian were supposed to talk about what to do next. Brian's view of her was that she was 5'4", brown hair with a few streaks of gray showing, mid 60's, and looked very agile. Nancy was Dees only living family member and she taught Dee everything she knows, as Dee informed her about her first two bounty's Nancy poked at them relentlessly "computers, partners, high tech doodads." "Ahh phooey who needs all that junk?" Nancy said full of disgust in her voice "junk" Dee had to hold Brian back. "Oh No She Didn't Just Disrespect me" Brian yelled.

After Brian was calmed down from Nancy's crude outburst she had been there for a few hours after Dee was asleep Nancy decided to go for a little strip bingo at her favorite club here in Vermont. The only thing is she had no car to get there so Nancy decided to borrow her granddaughters Jeep Liberty for a spin. As Dee was going to the kitchen for more aspirin she couldn't help feeling that in the pit of her stomach something was wrong so Dee decided to go for a drive to clear her head, as Dee flips the light to the garage on she sees her Jeep Liberty gone her prized sport utility. Dee starts to panic by now its 2:30 in the morning so she decides to call Brian Dee knows better then to wake Brian in early morning that's something she should NOT do. Dee made sure to meet me in the exact spot ASAP when Dee saw Brian his eyes were bloodshot and he was extremely moody Brian low jacked the Liberty just in a case like this, the signal led us to a dirt parking lot and a very run down looking building as Dee and I walked through the door we were engulfed with a flash flood of music and strobe lights.

Dee and I found out it was a strip bar we saw Nancy in a corner getting a lap dance by three men, Brian's nerves were at there breaking point so he just stunned her and dragged her out to the parking lot Nancy awoke to find her feet and arms zip tied "How did you do this she asked dazed" Brian snapped "with partners, high-tech doodads, and junk!! That's how bounty hunting is done now; before Nancy could say another word she fell asleep with a quick jab of a trank dart (at this time Dee came out from finishing Nancy's lap dance Dee looked refreshed and exhilarated as she cast a long full look at the door and drove home.) Brian took off like a bat out of hell straight home to bed, the next day Nancy and Dee argue Nancy wants a car and wails and wines about not having one so Dee buys her a old semi good Ford Escort two door not more then a few minutes that the keys fell into her hand she was gone and coming and going at all hours every day twenty-four –seven.

After Nancy's mobility was salved things went back to normal and calmed down Dee and I got to work on our next bounty we meet in a café Dee finds me (after I've gone through two glazed donuts and half of my sugar rushed tea) our next bounty was a women named Cindy Young she was 6'1", had blond hair and an athletic build. Cindy was held on a twenty thousand dollar for tax evasion the fee for catching her was sixty thousand dollars. Cindy was last seen in New York city that would make Dees job hard with all those people and of course when Dee got there she had no clue so of course Brian to the rescue he found Cindy's favorite restaurants there were five in New York, Dee had cheeked all four and decided to wait at the fifth and within an hour Cindy showed up hair dyed and gained some weight so now she looked nothing like her photo. As Dee was getting ready to move in who walks in but Nancy she was hanging onto a thirty something well built man with Dee staring transfixed and attention on Nancy, Cindy pulled a fast one on Dee and Nancy Nancy's date was a trained killer his mood changed with Cindy's signal at that moment he had Nancy in a strangle hold now Nancy was old but that didn't mean she wasn't flexible with one swift kick to his head he was down.

Dee watched amazed and didn't see Cindy slink near, just in time Dee blocked Cindy's hand her ring she was wearing had a tiny needle sticking out which was surely met for Dee after Cindy was turned in Dee brought the ring to Brian for analyses. Brian had two pieces of information to share the ring was filled with a mind toxin that if given would turn Dee into a drooling vegetable the second piece was that there was a bounty hunter website available to our bounty's it gives them a picture, name, names of family, home addresses, and even our fears. That's how they knew where my house in Canada was, whoever made this website was good at covering his tracks Brian's computer was the most advanced on the east coast now to most people when they start something they finish it that was the problem Brian's computer nor his knowledge solve this website problem. Dee thought Brian needed a vacation (so he wouldn't have a nervous breakdown) Brian finally agreed with some badgering from Dee he was going to rebuild his house in Canada and take a break there when it was complete. After Brian left and was gone a few days Dee decided to take a nap during that nap Nancy took Brian's spare keys that he left for Dee to watch his home but Nancy anted to snoop in his life a little bit. As Nancy pulled up to Brian's home she scratched her head in wonder and said, "What kind of house is this?" Nancy crept inside and noted that it was usually clean and neat this came as a surprise to Nancy as she poked through every room with excruciating thoroughness and noted that Brian was a neat freak.

On Nancy's last sweep of the house she found a tapestry and looked behind it to reveal a door Nancy's mind perked as she found a flashlight and crept down the stairs as stealthy as a cat, Nancy found a switch and turned it on flicker illumination blinded her as she herd clicking as power fueled the other lights. As her eyes adjusted she was at a loss for words and breath she had found Brian's lab, with the curiosity of a kid in a candy store she explored the massive lab amazed at how many intriguing things he'd invented. Dee awoke to come get Brian's mail as she grabbed her keys and left, Dee slammed on her brakes hard as she was nearly sent through the windshield to see Nancy's car parked there as a warning of Brian's filled Dee's head "Never under any circumstances go in my lab some of the things there are unfinished and unstoppable once turned on." Dee rushed down the lab to find Nancy looking at a box with handles Nancy and Dee both grabbed a handle, within an instant they were glued to the machine as they were unable to escape as the machine turned on with a loud shrieking sound as the lights went off. Dee awoke to be on the floor as the lights flickered back on Nancy and Dee looked at each other shocked as they both ran to a mirror, Dee was freaking out well Nancy was admiring her body that machine had switched Dee's youth and Nancy's age.

From what Dee could gather from the computer this machine could switch ages but wasn't complete so it would only last for forty-eight hours, Nancy ran straight to her car and took off leaving Dee stuck home with achy bones and sore feet. With luck and the will of a mule Dee endured the first day, she didn't want to bother Brian (on account of how he'd yell and destroy Dee's Liberty) so she would just let this run it's course (this was a reminder for Dee to take good care of her body and never let age win or catch up with her.) The second day Dee awoke to her wrist in extreme pain the same one they operated on, she wondered how Nancy put up with this every day and she realized Nancy took it one day at a time and had good days and bad days. At noon Dee was thankful that a t midnight she'd be back to her old self "ughhhh" Dee groaned and ran to the bathroom for all she was worth she was having terrible bowel movements now. Nancy didn't come home last night or today probably having wild love in the oddest places. Just then there was a knock at the door it was two girls selling cookies they looked normal and had various kind ever prune Dee did have a strange craving for prunes today.

As Dee gave them the money they put on masks as gas filled her home from the cookie box she just bought, Dee ran to get out but the girls were overpowering her weak body as she succumbed to the gas and blacked out. Dee awoke to find herself tied to a chair the girls had found Dees wrist pulse and taken it (little did they know Dees watch was a laser and a small pulse gun was concealed in the heel of her boot), at this time Dee was so glad that Brian had bothered to make these little things that were now going to save her life and Dee was glad she picked Brian as a partner more then anyone else. The girls approached Dee with looks of pure evil in there dull soulless eyes, just then Dee thought of a plan divide and concur Dee said "what do you two young ladies want I'm just a little old lady who bought this house a few weeks ago."

The girls looked confused and dumbfounded, they paced about franticly they were doubting the loyalty of that website Brian had found. "If you want money I've got six thousand in the safe upstairs just please leave me alone" Dee said trying to sound scared and feeble. At that moment two sinister smiles crept on there faces, one went upstairs to see if there was a safe and said there was one Dee told them the combo one of them went up and a few moments later the one watching Dee went up there was yelling as Dee herd "I'm not letting you cheat me" "She can't escape my knots." Dees plan had worked they were fighting amongst themselves Dee took this chance to escape she grabbed her wrist pulse back, as she heard there footsteps down the stairs they were surprised to see that Dee had escaped as they raced the around the corner.

That's when Dee jumped out from behind the stairs they both had looks of terror on there faces as Dee backed them to a wall Dee said "You mess with grandma and her prunes and you get burned." The next day Dee awoke to find her youth totally restored and Nancy awoke to a very confused man wondering where his young partner he spent the night with was.

Later that day Nancy tried to slink back in the house but Dee was waiting for her furious with rage "How dare you just up and take off and leave me in pain just to fulfill your sexual urges." Dee yelled like a banshee chasing Nancy around the house with a baseball bat, it was at that moment that Brian arrived home and say hello Dee and Nancy continued. Brian yelled "I've rebuilt my house if anyone cares" Brian sighed heavily and thought to himself "goodbye to relaxation and hello to life back here as a headache reared to the surface." Later that day Brian had unpacked and was reading a book when Dee burst in the front door "don't you ever knock?" Brian said with a tone of annoyance in his voice "I've got a problem" Dee said "which is" Brian asked returning to his book "Nancy" Dee yelled enraged "she comes home all hours, stays out for days, invades my life, eats my forbidden chocolate ice cream and gives me a migraine every day" Dee said pounding her head on the table for sanity. (Now it took a lot to wear Dee down to this) "Ok" Brian said here's the plan you take Nancy on some bounties and we put it towards a trailer home for Nancy.

The plan was so simple that Dee agreed to take control back) as they descended into the dark abyss that was the ocean, huddled together as fear raised to the surface "were they going to die" constantly ran through there minds, just then blinding light flew through the bubble glass shaped roof they could make out a building underwater and they were being pulled in. They exited the Jet slowly with weapons drawn (they all decided to bring some just in case), the air was stale and dust hung in the air it was so thick able to do anything without Brian, after a week or two Brian went down to cheek on Dee when he arrived he saw the front door ripped off it's hinges.

As Brian crossed the threshold he found the house ransacked with Dee missing from the house, both her Jeeps were still there, the only thing Brian found was many empty bottles and cartons of vodka and oj Brian took one of each half consumed to the lab for test to be run just as Brian thought the alcohol had been modified to incapacitate a person much quicker then usual, but whoever did this didn't know that Dee could hold her liquor. Brian couldn't find or track Dee anywhere Brian needed help he needed Nancy, Nancy agreed to help without hesitation after hours of watching the computer Brian finally received a weak signal from Dees E.D.U. emergency distress unit the only way Brian could think for the E.D.U .to be turned on is that whoever took Dee turned it on. Brian taught Dee how to use it very well (before she blew up his home) usually it'd broadcast a clear signal anywhere in the world at a specific signal, this signal was rotating erratically not the signal that Brian had programmed.

Meanwhile in a damp, dark, dreary room Dee awoke to one heck of a hangover, lights pulsed on blinding Dee and making her wince in pain as a figure stepped slowly down a worn spiral staircase it stood back casting a shadow over Dee and obtruded his face as the drugs that were still in her system made her pass out.

"OK" "OK" "now show me how to work this gadget again Nancy asked for the sixth time" Brian was showing Nancy how to work one of his many ingenious creation's, they knew it was a trap but they had to go fueled on worry, anger, and a tendency to kick some ass they walked deeper into the bowels of Brains lab, Nancy armed with only a few gadgets and Brian with anarchical in a backpack. "It's time to go get our Dee back" Brian said "And exactly how are we suppose to get there" asked Nancy with her voice full of optimism, "You'll see" said Brian with an evil snicker.

Both Brian and Nancy walk deeper into the bowels of Brian's lab Nancy bumped into Brian as he was looking for the light switch "AHHH" Nancy yelled as he was blinded by a bright burst of light "We're taking this" Brian said, as Nancy's eyes adjusted she could see the graceful curves of some type of jet Nancy was speechless at it's beauty and had to admit it was pretty good her attention snapped back into reality as Brian went into an explaining frenzy. "This" Brian said is The Geo Jet capable of mock 3.5, invisible to all forms of radar and the added bonus of cloaking (causing the whole Jet to turn invisible to the naked eye), six high yield pulse cannons three on the front and three in the back, a limited amount of missiles, an armor mode that comes down to protect the unique glass oval that was the main cabin (the view from the oval was most best appreciated at night flights with stars above your head), seating for six, multi cycles that obey your voice commands there stored in the rear hold with a ramp that allows them to come and go as they please, boosters for boosts of speed, fully stocked small kitchen and restroom. All of this in a high gloss silver paint "time to go" Brian said as he approached the wing a latter dropped down and a panel of glass trimmed with metal lifted up (apparently the door Nancy thought).

Brian sat in the pilots seat and took the controls as they both belted in without a word, Brian started the engine as displays came to life supplied with power and the engine made a gentle yet powerful hum (also the jet could take off, land, and hover like a helicopter) as the lifted up to the surface and got in an appropriate altitude Brian pushed the speed to max, "hang on we're going to use the boosters now" Brian said "bo-bo-bosters" Nancy stammered a moment later she was pushed back in her seat by g-forces barely allowing her to breath as the Geo Jet hurled them a little closer to getting Dee. Nancy made a whimper as the Jet again reached normal speeds her face frozen in terror of that last surprise, Brian looked over to Nancy and took some pity on her "the boosters need to charge and I won't use them unless we have to make a hasty exit with Dee OK" . Nancy whose face was turning back to normal managed a small "that's just fine" and passed out.

Dee awoke to see a figure cross out from the shadows Dee couldn't believe who it was its Max Dees ex-husband "what are you doing here?" Dee asked perplexed "I made millions after we divorced so I arranged this whole thing the website, you, Brian, and Nancy "WHAT" said Dee shocked "I still longed to have you so I hired Tie to kill Brian and the man Nancy was with in New York but that failed so I made this website to break Brian's nerves. "Why would you do this to me, we divorced move on Max" Dee pleaded "NO you will stay here with me forever" Max yelled "And when your friends come I'll destroy them" haaaaaa haaaaa Max shrieked as he left Dee in shock, Max has truly flipped out Dee said and she thought to herself "I must survive, I must get free and warn them somehow and I'll be dammed if Max tries to hurt my family."

After a few hours of flying Nancy and Brian had reached Dees distress signal, It was night and under a full moon as we crept to the entry way of a castle looming over us it was dark and dreary, the castle looked as if a spell had been cast upon it it's purity and beauty were no more it was dark and twisted by a mad mans heart. The front door made a long creek that made Nancy and Brian get goosebumps, there was no light of any source but their high-powered flashlights that cut through the darkness like an angel's aura.

At the end of the hall was a door Nancy and Brian went through with out haste they were on a landing that connected to a spiral staircase that spiraled into a dark abyss Nancy started down while Brian checked the signal they were close but just then there was a grinding sound that came up from the innards of the abyss, the stair s went flat forming a long spiral slide Nancy was going down. Brian rushed over to see if Nancy was ok from the depths he saw a little dot flashing Morse code as Brian was relieved another grinding came as he rushed to the door to escape but it was locked the landing floor was sliding away and after a few moments it was over Brian was falling down a shaft as cold air rushed passed his face. Then with a lot of force Brian landed on an oversized safety mat "uggggh" Brian groaned as his body was in slight pain from stopping so abruptly but after a few minutes he pushed himself up and activated his watch COM link "Nancy" Brian said "Yes where are you" Nancy asked "Don't know but were about two levels up from Dees signal" said Brian "How do you know that" asked Nancy "The power of technology" Brian chuckled "Are you at the stairway yet" Nancy said "Just about why" said Brian "Because I've got two guests here who say that we have to beat them to pass" Nancy said And sure enough as Brian rounded the corner he saw two people "Who do you want to beat" asked Brian "Two women " sounded a little excited "how about you" asked Nancy "Two women" Brian answered "OK NAN. LETS DO THIS" said Brian ""Right" was all Nancy said. Just then static crackled on the COM link, one women with the voice of a snake said "we just put up a communication jamming signal so no more speeches" "and you are" responded Brian trying to hide his fear the women with the voice of a snake said she was some type of "Whipmaster" and the other was a "Stealth ninja" "OK" lets start this Brian said. They attacked in unison but Brian managed to evade them "OK YOU WANT TO FIGHT WE FIGHT BUT I FIGHT 1 ON 1NOT 2-1 WITH NO HELP FORM THE OTHER NO MATTER WHAT DO YOU AGREE" Brian shouted, they stopped and talked to each other and they agreed I was to first fight that "ninja girl".

The fight had begun she remarked at how could technology save me form her, she charged and started with martial arts kicking and punching Brian but she was amazed that Brian blocked or dodged every blow. "Ok then how about you try to dodge my sword" Ninja girl spat as she charged toward Brian he tried to dodge but one sharp thrust went into his lower body "My sword has a special trick to it" Ninja girl said now Brian felt the trick as his leg started to throb and pain coursed up and down his body, the sword was super heated somehow and it didn't clot his wound as blood oozed out Ninja girl retrieved her sword with a sharp twist and the there was a loud "SNAP" and more pain surging she had broken Brian's leg.

With a great effort Brian stood as Ninja girl charged for one final strike "NOW YOU DIE!!!" Ninja girl screamed running towards Brian "Not today" Brian said as he pushed a button on something he had grabbed from his belt a metal staff was revealed. Brian just touched her with an end of the staff as she charged and she was down then Brian gave her an up lash form the other end of the staff, which sent her flaying back several feet. Now the Whipmaster asked, "How did you defeat her" "this staff has two ends which are emitters that the power cell is connected to that carry a powerful electrical surge to the body." Brian said smugly "very good ingenuity but my whip has the same function and the voltage is much higher then yours" Whipmaster said, Brian's face turned white with terror as she uncurled her whip and struck. Brian blocked by letting her whip get the staff that overloaded instantly by the sheer power of her whip, now unable to doge her strike Brain was knocked aback into the wall struck by the coursing pain of the voltage that hit him.

Whipmaster struck him two more times against the wall "now I'll raise the power so this last strike burns you to a cinder" Whipmaster yelled psychotically, Brian who was paralyzed by the relentless electrifying blows that she struck him with reached for another staff "Whipmaster just laughed as she said another staff I'll break through that one just like I did the last." Brian who activated the staff that automatically setup by breaking through the stone floor, as Whipmaster circled her whip for one final strike her whip wrapped around the staff but didn't give under the power, still holding her whip in hand Whipmaster had a baffled look on her face "how" was all she said. "This staff is an absorber that can reflect your energy right back at you BYE" was all she herd as her electric attack was amplified a thousand fold and sent back to her along her own whip.

The way now clear Brian went forward for Dee and waiting for him was Nancy scraped, bruised and bloody but no worse for ware "what happened to you she asked" "Oh just broke my leg and got a few electric shocks to my system" Brian responded flat toned "Ok now we go and save Dee" as Nancy and Brian limped slowly towards Dees prison. Dee was awake now mind racing at what could have happened to Nancy and Brian, Max was slinking about the room "they beat my guards" he said sounding astonished "never count them out Max honey pie" Dee said trying not to laugh.

Just then the doors flew open that made both Max and Dee jump as Brian and Nancy limped slowly into view, Nancy set Brian down in a corner of the room as his leg was broken Nancy and Max went at it "I knew Dee was too good for you" Nancy said "OLD BAT" Max yelled as they circled and started to fight. Brian meanwhile was deploying a new invention a hover helper Brian called it "what's this one do" Dee yelled as Brian was guiding it towards Dee via remote it leveled with Dees leg restraints and a small laser went to work at cutting them, then did the top restraints and Dee was free. Brian tossed Dee a pulse gun and signaled the Geo jet to come pick them up Dee was checking Brains vitals because he passed out from loss of blood, Max threw Nancy up against a wall which made her black out Dee rushed to check on Nancy as Max rushed towards Brian with a gun drawn but Dee was behind him her gun to his head "Don't make me kill you" Dee said she set the weapon to the kill pulse Dee knew the pulse gun could kill a person she just never used that setting on a person before.

The moments passed by slowly "you won't kill me" Max said as his finger slowly applied pressure to the trigger Dee fired first before he could as Max fell with a shocked expression on him into the could blackness of death. Dee collapsed on the floor mulling over what she'd been forced to do this memory was not going to leave Dee with drinking, just then the wall was blown open by the Geo jets pulse cannons Dee lugged Nancy and Brian into the jet and programmed a hospital as there first destination before going home as the jet took off into the black of night Dee said good bye to Max for the last time.