"So what are we doing here" Dee asked

"Hush up" Vee said

"We're here because of your crazy ex-husband" Brian said, Dee flinched at the mention of her husband.

"He somehow broke into my database and stole two designs I made" Brian said

"What's so important about that" Dee asked

"They were new Geo Jet Designs, and they might have been gifted to you" Brian said

"Here's what we have" Brian said gesturing the girls to some computer screens

"The Geo Raider was made to be fast, strong, and pack a hell of a punch, capable of flying anywhere in the world, going into space and around this solar system, her weapons include four new pulse laser system that I have yet to test, ten surface to air missiles, three hundred forty micro hellfire missiles, and she's protected by energy shields and a far thicker armor then the Geo jet has, also I redesigned the magnetic turbine engine to use solar wind and small particles in space to power it in theory it should run forever.

"The Mini Geo is a small luxury transport I was planning on giving all you girls, capable of transporting four people in comfort she boasts four leather reclining seats, four flip down LCD TVs, capable of receiving satellite TV, and an auto pilot capable of flying and landing the plane on its own, she can go mach 2.5 and has two low powered pulse lasers with some light armor and a large cargo hold for all of your suitcases." Brian finished.

Both Dee and Vee stood there open mouthed drooling at the mini Geo "we want one "both women said.

"Did you not hear the part about the Raider big weapons, Earth go Boom" Brian said getting frustrated.

Dee made a swatting jester with her hands "It's not like their ready and here off the production lines, and knowing Maxx they will never be finished the man could bairly finish a game of yatzie" Dee said.


"Shawn what have we got" Brian asked

Three air craft have entered the area Two match the design for Geo Raiders and one Mini Geo" Shawn said

Brian gave Dee a Death glare

"NOT my fault the man finally decided to get his ass in gear" Dee said.

"Weapons lock abandon Base" Shawn said

As both Geo Raiders unloaded there micro hell fire missiles on Brian's house it colasped on it self and a dust cloud arouse from the rubble.

Out of this the Geo Jet soared and was running as fast as it could fly, all stolen craft fallowed it.

"Hang on I'm taking us up, Dee, Vee strap in Vee on scanners, Dee on weapons" Brian said.

A sharp climb brought the Geo Jet up and in the final stage of earth atmosphere Brian got an idea "Opening rear cargo bay, raising the Geo Cycles, releasing clamps" Brian said

In the sharp climb one of the Geo Raiders couldn't avoid the falling two motorcycles that came tumbling out at it they took heavy damage as one of there wings fell off.

"Since when could we go into space "Dee asked staring at the stars in awe?

"Oh when Hubbypoo stole my planes I put all my time into upgrading the Geo jet" Brian said

"Don't you ever use that name again" Dee Yelled "it gives me goose bumps" Dee slipped in

"HUBBYPOO" Brian yelled "When we land you are so dead" Dee said

"Sorry to break this up, but why aren't they firing at us" Vee said.

"Hang on I'm reading a power build up it massive III, Here it comes" Vee yelled

The beam struck the Geo Jet with a force that crippled every system as it danced into every circuit of the ship.

Fifteen minutes later

"What oww"Brian moaned as he came back to reality, Dee and Vee were already up looking at Brian concernedly.

"Yay I knew it would take more than a little shock like that to kill you" Vee said.

"What happened" Brian asked

"Well the Geo Raider hit us with a huge laser beam and then exploaded and as near as I can figure the Mini Geo is attached to us sending us on our final resting place the sun" Vee said

Both Brian and Dee stared at Vee open mouthed

"Don't let the blond fool you I'm one smart cookie" Vee said winking at them.

Find out if our heroes live or die in the next chapter