I wish people would just forget me
Leave me on my own to do as I please
Too many people remember my name,
They remember my hideous face
I guess I stand out
But I'd rather be invisible
I don't need anyone to get by
I can make it on my own,
With no one beside me
Fuck it all
I've been through too much
I don't need to deal with this shit
Too many people pretend to care
Too many people have filled my life
With lies and broken promises
Too many people have made me believe
That they care about me
And would protect me
No one can
I'm too free-spirited
I need to live my own way
Without people hovering over me,
Trying so hard to control me
My life is my own
No one can change how I feel
No one can change what I believe
I'm me
And if that's a problem
Let me be.