I am an alabaster goddess

exotic in my funky-chick

sometimes-hick attire

I'm no liar when I say

I don't feel this way

Every day, but there are moments

I hone them

When the mirror has an edge of mercy

Or maybe when

I am thirsty for something kind

My eyes pick up a trace

Of beauty in my face

My hips dance to their own beat

They groove to the pace

Of my flat, wide feet

And there's junk in my trunk

Puts me in a funk

When I see a hundred-pound wonder

I feel like a blunder, just a camisoled punk

Flounce around in my bikini

So teeny, though I'm not,

I have no shot but these curves are mine

So fine and broad

All at the same time

Gotta wear the curl of my hair

With flair, my hands are small

And my stomach is round

I'm not tall or thin but I'm managing

Day by day, in this skin, each pound

Won't weigh me down

My eyes are almond, calm and

Absorbant, by mouth's an informant

I'm telling you this right now

I'm a woman, you can tell

My shirt shows it well

And my legs are dancing all over

Prancing me in pants of denim

I let 'em, it's my own two-step

And in this skin, every place I roam

My body, my temple, my home