Chapter Two

You can't save me, you can't change me

I wasn't happy to wake up, but when six o'clock rolled around a piercing shriek sounded through my bed, causing me to jump out of bed. On the floor near my bed was a small demon, who was smiling mischeviously.

"Flip off." I kicked the demon into one of the now burning fires of my room, causing it to shriek again, but leave.

"You should be so rude to your guests." Without looking up I knew it was Spencer. I rolled back on my bed and wrapped myself in my covers. The day could start later, I hardly cared that I had a schedule to keep. Just because I lived in hell didn't mean that I had to work like hell. "Get up you lazy girl." A pillow hit my head, but I still did not move. Another hit me and all I did was bat them away and dig myself back further in the bed. "I said get up!" I felt something jump on my back and grabbed a firm hold of my arms, pulling me towards the end of the bed. My body slammed hard against the rock surface of my room and I jumped in reaction.

"You ass." Spencer was smiling up at me wickedly, offering his hand. I took his hand so that he could help me up.

"Aww, do you hate me now?"

"Why actually now that you ask, yes I do."


"Oh flip off." I watched Spencer leave my room and close the door behind him, giving me a wink before he turned away. My door slammed behind him and I got dressed into an office worthy outfit. Well, office worthy in my office. Today my job is to fire paperwork on my job last night. Just make sure that the numebrs are right on my record and that the information about who I caught last night is on file. It's so boring that I can barely handle it. When I reach the office I have to wait in line, my feet sweating in the fleece boots that I'm wearing. Whoever told me that fleece boots with a mini skirt was fashionable, cute AND comfortable was wrong. Comfortable only fits into that category if you're NOT in hell working.

When I finally got to the front of the line I filed out all the forms I was handed, in multiples. I then proceeded to turn in the forms where they belonged and was out of the office, in FIVE hours. And the funny thing is that's how long it takes on a good day. You probably thought that Hell was just easy and carefree, didn't you. Well you were wrong! As I hop down the lava stairs and back to my room I realize I still have an hour before my shift starts and I can get soemthing eat. The food lines are short in Hell, since most of the people here are dead and since they're evil they're like pratcially anorexic and bony as hell. But anyway, it makes life a lot easier. I grab some chinese food and walk back to my room, while sipping on an iced mocha. This was the life, half the time. I had Spencer pretty close to me now and I didn't actually have that hard of work. I've had to do worse before, that is before I became a high demoness. Now that I'm a high demoness I'm allowed a bit more slack off time and there are days where I don't even have work.

"Hey Looookkkkiiiiii."

"Hello Spencer."

"Want to hang out at my place, we can share." Spencer motioned to my white styrofoam container of chinese food and held up his box of pizza and cheese sticks.


"Away!" Spencer linked his arm through mine and held the pizza box in the air, motioning while screaming 'onward' and 'away yeh pirates'. I could only smile and try to keep up with Spencer. A young demon boy like him seems to always be filled with energy. We reached his room and record time and he used his hand to turn the floor normal, instead of covered in fire pits. Simon swiftly grabbed the grabbed the food and set it out on the ground, pulling me down with him, literally. He grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto the floor of his room. I folded my legs indian style and grabbed a piece of pizza from the open box on the floor. One of the nicest things about being a demoness is that you never gain weight and you never age. So in this case I can pig out and not worry about. My eyes led me to Spencer and I watched him continue to eat.

"Whatcha looking at?"

"You." I smiled and leaned over, wiping some stray soy sauce off the side of Spencer's mouth. Before I could lean back I found myself staring into his eyes, just incased in his red eyes that resembled a volcano. It was like looking into an eruption, it was beautiful and I couldn't turn away. And he was looking into my storm cloud black eyes, in the same trance that I was in. I leaned closer and found my lips on his, falling onto Spencer's lap and getting soy sauce smeared across the back of my shirt when Spencer put his arms around my back, his hands sliding across the white fabric.

((Author Note: I hope that you liked this chapter. My mind was set on writing a longer chapter, but I decided to end t on this note. I really like this ending, and yes, there will be more romance coming up. I'm starting to really like the way this story is going.))