Fourteen-year-old Korin Schaltaz stood quietly as the man circled him. He was a tall man, at least 6'1, the tallest man he had seen in the village so far. As always, the man was dressed in a black suit like he was going to a funeral, boots thumping against the wooden floor as he walked. He could feel the man's cold black eyes traveling over his naked flesh, seeming to peer deep into his soul. The man was always staring at him, never speaking until he had finished observing him. He hated when the man stared at him. There was the sense of shame, knowing that the man could see each and every flaw on his body. The flaw that lie between his legs.

" This is a boy? Is it an eunuch?"

The other man, who looked like the first man but without the stuffy suit, only smiled and grinned. Yes, a eunuch, cut so finely that the boy could still perform his "manly" duty. The beauty of a eunuch was present in the young man. The slim feminine body, the wide "birthing" hips, the youthful face. He looked like a flat-chested young girl, something the man thought was both beautiful and enticing.

Korin said nothing as the men continued to talk, simply staring down at the floor, dainty hands covering his groin, even though there was not much to cover. Because of the operation, his penis was a lot smaller than most boys his age, which also enticed his male customers. His eyes glanced over towards the door, eyes widening slightly as he caught a flash of blue, his breath hitching in his throat as he turned slightly.

" Such a beautiful boy. Do you mind if I play with him?" the man asked, trailing a hand across the boy's rear.

Korin jumped, teeth sinking into his lower lip to keep from crying out as a dry finger entered him. He was thrown against the table, legs kicked apart as the finger was replaced with something bigger, something much thicker. The pain was too much for the young boy, emitting a shrill scream as he was entered forcefully from behind. His nails clawed at the table, leaving shallow grooves in the cheap wood, the edge of the table digging into his stomach.

The man behind him only chuckled, wrapping a few thick strands of the boy's hair around his fist, tugging on it. It pleased him to feel the boy's tight inner walls around his shaft, the blood slicking his entrance. Korin was such a beautiful boy that he could easily imagine that he was slamming into a pretty young girl. The other man, the one who had taken his money, left the room chuckling softly about something. Men with his sort of taste were always the butt of other people jokes.

" So tight" the man moaned, shuddering as he continued to thrust his penis in and out of the boy.

The sounds and scent of sex filled the air, intoxicating the man as he began to thrust harder into the boy. It was almost like being in Heaven, the boy's tight inner walls seeming to swallow him, coaxing his penis to go deeper into the boy's tight channel. Reaching down, he gripped the boy's flaccid penis, pumping a few times until the boy was semi-hard; his hips rocking forward, small penis thrusting into his hand. It pleased him to hear the boy's anguished moans, knowing the boy was suffering from finding this cruel rape enjoyable.

" Yes, that's right. You want me to go deeper, don't you little boy? Tell Papa how you like it," the man whispered into the boy's ear, nipping at it.

Korin whimpered, burying his face against his folded arms. His lower body felt as if it were on fire, hips rocking forward to thrust into the man's hand. Why was he feeling like this? The fire curled up in his groin, surging in waves through his body, blinding his sight and deafening his ears. His body trembled and shuddered, bucking under the man's body as he began his orgasm.

He screamed and cried, fingers clawing at the wood beneath him as he felt the man's thrust growing wilder behind him. His body convulsed, spilling himself into the man's hand with a wild cry. Panting heavily, the boy cried out softly when the man came inside him and then pulled out, feeling the bile rise in his throat at the sickening sound and the feel of the man's release leaking slowly out of him.

" Beautiful" the man whispered, watching the thin trial of white and red slowly trailing down the boy's pale skin.

Kneeling behind the boy, the man leaned forward, trailing his tongue up the back of the boy's thigh, tasting the salty and metallic mixture. Further up, he pressed the tip of his tongue against the boy's injured entrance, feeling the boy jump slightly. He ignored the boy's protest, parting his cheeks as he pushed his tongue further into the boy's tender hole. It was not long before the boy was squirming beneath his ministrations, panting heavily as he was torn between crying and moaning.

It was not long before the boy had released for a second time, the wooden floor stained white. A thin smile was on the man's face, as he pulled the boy off the table, allowing him to fall to the floor. The boy looked so beautiful, the perfect mix between girl and boy. It was almost too perfect, dangerously perfect.

" Yes, lick up every little drop" the man commanded, watching as the glass-eyed boy leaned forward, beginning to lap at his release like it was delicious cream.

The man circled the boy, watching him with a sadistic little grin on his face. There was just something about watching a submissive little bitch that set his groin on fire. There was always time, he had paid to have the boy for the rest of the night. Boots thumped against the floor as he walked to the boy, grabbing his hair and pulling him to his feet, finding delight in the boy's whimpers and pain filled cries.

" You are such a pretty little boy," the man whispered, running his tongue over the bruise on the boy's cheek. Had he put that there? No, he was sure he had not hit the boy's face. A boy as pretty as this should never be hurt in such a way. It was almost like plucking the wings from an angel.

" I think I'll keep you, my precious little angel," he whispered softly into the boy's ear, cruelly nipping at the boy's earlobe.

The boy's glassy eyes only stared up at him, and the man saw it as a look of adoration. Petting the boy's hair, he picked him up gently, seeming to make a mockery of his earlier cruel actions. The single bed in the room was filthy, the man never used it, but the boy needed his rest. Tonight there would be no sleep for the young boy.

" You rest my pretty little angel. You'll be home with daddy soon enough" the man whispered, hungrily devouring the child's mouth with a kiss.

The boy was like a drug. Addicting and unknowingly deadly. The man knew this, yet like all addicts, he could not let such a delicious little drug slip through his fingers. He turned, leaving from the room, going in search of the man whom he would make an offer with that the man could and would not refuse.

And left alone in the room, the boy stared broken and glassy-eyed at the ceiling.