Change of Heart

Everyone experience it before,

The little pinch on the back of your neck,

The warm feeling of ecstasy

The sensation flowing through you,

Only because a new soul is in sight,

Said you would give the world for an hour alone,

But now you don't call when you're at home,

Just making excuses to hang up the phone,

Had love in your life, but now it's unknown,

Whole new time, and also a new tone,

A guy down the block had caught your eye,

And the way you're feeling is no surprise,

A change of heart, but not of mind,

Using his money to fill your tides,

His credit cards used to wine and dine,

Let loose your closest friends said to you,

Yet what was happening, they had no clue,

An ideal world had changed for you,

Big house, new care, even made the news,

Popular now, so you got everything to lose,

Too late now, want to switch your shoes,

Money is gone, and the payments are due,

Left the one that loved only you,

Now no ones there's and no one wants you,

Things ended, it's time to lose too,

Change of feelings, a broken heart,

A relationship ended, another to start,

Whole life crashes, it begins to part,

Always keep your head up, best to be stern,

Now the lesson is learned, only a past to burn.