A Blessing to Me

Eyes so dreamy, lips so smooth

Completed me with the things you do

Saw you at first, it was hard to choose

And can't act cool, a queen entered the room

Yet your amazing smile made everything new

Gave it my all, had nothing to lose

Did what I did, it's all I could do

What I am feeling, there is no relief

You and me, in God I'll have belief

Your control, my heart fell beneath

Other girls paved it, but it's like you made the way

Change me for the better, in the greatest of ways

Talked during the moving, but never change that day

My life is different, a new world you made

So many different guys, but you chose me

Met you at first, thought we would only be friends

What we want, don't let them end

Was meant to be, our future to begin

Give everything I should, from good times to romance

Would love to be with you, all I need is a chance

We joked around, we shared some laughs

Slowed things down, went into a Trans

And I'm young, but we were made for each other

Magnificent flow and body; let me be your lover

A blessing to me, like no other