A New Creation

What can't a female offer?

For she is perfection even at her worst

Logic minds opening doors

Freed spirits healing times

Taken away by clueless minds

God's creation raising eyes

Dark rooms light up with a smile

Short words making men go wild

Given a yard, but forcing the mile

Oh nothing can be greater

Some demeaning the body given

Abusing the hearts taken away

Selling what they were given at birth

No money can equal her worth

Still a beauty on this Earth

Neglected by unknown eyes

She can create what you will fear

And never accepts the fate she bares

Make the things that we hold dear

But is it that we don't care?

Encourage her lovely smile

Endorse her new age style

A female creation even took the Nile

Her body is art, never at all mistaken

Beauty in a way the world should awaken