An Angel On Earth

On this Earth with me, from day through night

On this Earth with me, she changed my life

An angel on Earth is what she is

Love her so much for all she gives

Make me happy, a new life I live

God knew what he was doing when he created her

Nothing on Earth can equal her worth

Finally met her, the long years I searched

Blessed the world in which she lay

My heart, forever, she will stay

I love you Toya, like no other

Pray you stay with me until our passing days

An eternal friendship is what you made

For the future, our beds we laid

Ranked one girl, and in so many ways

Never let anything come between me and you

So many things that only you knew

Never lie to me, you always spoke the truth

Angel on Earth, you found a friend in me

Together forever, good and bad, just you and me