Girl on the Bus

Mad I was given shorter hours at work

For what I was to see, it's all it's worth

Her body was surprising, her eyes would gleam

She looked amazing, only found in a dream

The type of woman to feed all your needs

Walked near her, but too scared to speak

What can you say when an angel you meet

Something has changed, my blood wasn't flowin'

Realized the fact that something was stolen

Truly opened my eyes, my heart she was holdin'

Got on the bus, everything became worse then good

First sat down behind her nice and cool

Mind was excited, but to keep soft my tool

Her reddish-brownish-blackish hair is all I could see

All that was happening, I knew it was meant to be

Sat there bored, worked up the courage to talk

Told some jokes, climbed before, but turned to a walk

There we were, talking for the rest of the ride

She laughed a bit, but smiled all the while

No wonder women always described the Nile

Smooth and lovely dark chocolate skin

Looked at her finger, and she had no ring

Wanted to ask her a question

But what came out was nothing in this world

When can I call you mine?