Dripping Sensation

A rainy day outside

No birds out singing

Dark clouds closed the sky

Stressing day, gloomy night

Yet from here on is a new life

Rained hard and fast this day

Weather was like the spring

Except this was no ordinary rainy day

Seen something I should have seen

Who knows what would happen if I didn't

She walked fast, but still a sexy strut

Not using too strong language

But she had all the stuff

Hormones raged, felt feelings of luv

But never said I was in love though

Her chest was popping

Those hips were swaying

Her lips moving in my mind

Though no words she was saying

The way I was seeing her, I had to be dazing

Time had stopped just so I could watch

And yet our feelings were all shouted

But no words we had spoke

Still our hearts were not doubted

Made eye contact and our hearts had sound it

But now I only think of the rain

And never expected all her fame

In my mind from night through day

For all new girls, she paved the way

Made me see, others only looked gray

Times are different, moved away

Changes made, but wont forget this day