Hidden Faces of Mine

What does it mean to you?

You must think something of it

Something else lurking inside of you

Yet you won't even tell yourself

You might not say it, but I will

To me, it's not that extremely big smile

The end of my mouth not touching my ears

It's the look no one ever sees

The true face I have as normal

No one will ever know it

The happy faces confuse them all

Don't know why it's there

But I do know what caused it

It's nothing new to who I am

It has always been there, just hidden

For all the hate inside and pain endured

The building of pressure is what it brought forth

Now it's all on my shoulders

A taunting past haunting me

Never showing the good days

And well I truly can't see the good

There must be happy days, everyone has them

But it's like mine has never even happened

I see a happy day now and again

But then it turns bad again

I always say I'm good for now

People say I should not wait

Wait for the bad to come back to me

They should look through my eyes

Eyes from the hidden faces of mine