Hood Stories

Man it aint easy at all

Been through o much to call a walk

Plus all the pain and torment endured

To think, my hood already killed me before

What made it worse, was that I was poor

No money to go to the store

Same cut jeans on my legs everyday

Can't afford any toys to play

Syrup sandwiches is what we ate

Hunger going from day to day

A one bedroom crib is all we had

Three kids in one bed at night

Doubled as a living room during the day

Even as a kitchen and a hallway

It was just all the same place

Nothing but hand-me-downs and handouts

Kelloggs saved me, without a doubt

No more than hunger and cold water

Gun shots outside made me duck and cover

Shit just aint easy in the hood

No heat in the crib, so we huddled together

And it's only two real meals a day

The second to last until sun up

No crystal glasses given out in the hood

Tough love, the only thing we understood

None of us made the guns

It was given to us all

Kill our own, now our race will fall

Seen on the news, one of my mans was gone

Killing, in the hood, it's the only tone

No smiles, seen walking in the hood

Too many statistics, so many just misunderstood

Caused part of it, now mad at the livelihood

So many lost souls, so many gone

But proud as hell cause this is where I'm from