If I Die Tonight

Who would miss me, and who would be glad

Some marked revenge, others at home sad

Maybe some at my funeral, those to be tagged

Thug life on my tombstone, Christians are mad

What if I die tonight?

Quietly pass on or die in a blast

Went real slow, or extremely fast

My enemies will be down, always was fun

Brother is crying, I was his only son

What if…….I dies tonight?

No special report made on the ten o'clock news

Kids want to be like me, but paid no dues

Just died, but many would like to be in my shoes

The heart to win, always hated to loose

Truly, what if I die tonight?

Would the people I hung out with care?

Heard from the wire, they never shed a tear

Real niggaz don't die, what should they fear?

Mother lost her son, the pain out of sight

But still, what if I die tonight?