My Autobiography

First born, "hello Jason", is what I was told

Then my first thought, the world is so cold

Didn't know how to bluff, so I planned to fold

Last one out, and the exit forever closed

A genius, my mother was given to mold

The belt beatings as I grew made me hate

I was a bad kid, all he did was wait

Screams and permanent scars, that was my fate

Long sleeves hide scars, but not tears

Screamed as loud as possible, but no one cared

Moved to America, they called me an alien

Then a one bedroom crib is what we stayed in

Hungry all day long, no energy to win

A move to Edenwald, thug life I begin

My brother's first son, since I was youngest of kin

Girls hated me, so guys felt the same

Called me a devil child, couldn't be tamed

Even met my first and forever love

My football, I'll put no sport above

Caused my new name, spirit higher than doves

Time passed on, still no girl around

Don't know why, but none ever wanted me

Fought everyday, guys wanted me dead

Didn't understand, maybe something I said

A lot of things truly gone wrong

High school came in with my first girl

Loved her so much, until she left my world

Gangbanging came and took me away

Down to ride, in so many ways

Thank God, it was me he saved

Long story short, I have been around

From Jamaica, to the hood I found

This is my autobiography, how does it sound