Past On (July 2004)

To the nicest aged woman I ever knew

Without you in it, my world, forever blue

Thug life rained, but you paved a new way

Your passionate talks would always make my day

I can't even believe you past away

I knew it would happen one day

But I wanted pain free and fast

If I had known, I would have made the dash

I'm lazy, but it would be nothing, knowing our past

Half my life, it was blessed up to that day

I can't think how much I'll miss you

Held your hand as others talked rude

Even said I was a son to you

Forever grateful for all the things that you do

Saved so many lives, yet they didn't know who

The whole hood should be at your funeral

Food drive started, lives saved by you

Never seen you fight, only things good to do

Volunteer in places which no one respected you

Gave birth to me, but your physical life is through

If I make it, it's because of you

Going to be wealthy, to make your words true

Life will never be the same, you were the glue

Wanted some help, went with you up the stairs

Helped me always, showed nothing but care

Taught me a lot of things, never lie about that

I have to make it, just because I'm black

Save the whole hood, and some will become unpacked

Do so good, they're all jealous in fact

When the road gets rough, I know you'll have my back

I'll forever love you Ms. Johnson

Was nice to everyone around you

For a mother life you, your kids were blessed

Guess heaven has a new angel

And your words, I will forever respect