M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches)

Just another Pac created ideology

Could tell that it was made for me

Money keeps me up, soon as I'm lonely

Thug life in my veins, you know I'm hungry

Erased from my life, all who were phony

Fuck all girls; I'm trying to make money

Never cared at first, but now they on me

As I had worked hard, they took it as free

Money over bitches, cause they breed envy

Smarter now, cause Pac taught me

Heed the words all thugs should hold dear

Yet my pockets were empty, which made me care

They called it being broke, I called it scared

Wanted to make money, but they had too much fear

Money over bitches, not just because the end is near

Real niggaz don't die, but don't live long enough to make real money

You care about women too much, yet you said you were hungry

I have to be successful; don't need a girl to hold me

You located the G-Spot, but can't say what a C-Note means

Always pick money over bitches, but I'm still on the team