Old School Days

Thought the future would be the same

Shit was always good back in the day

Guess I was just being a fool

Everything done changed now

But far from being better

Friends have changed their roles

Enemies are now all gone, no one came

I would be happier, but I feed off the hate

Everything is dead in the world

And there's no love in my heart, much too late

Old school games stayed the same name

And no new kid wants an old dog

People said those days were weak

I always called them strong

Just going back to the old school

All the days wasn't always good

But we still never complained about them

Real thugs and gangsters were in my day

Times have changed, only I stayed the same

Nothing is like how it was before

We all broke, but asking one another for a dollar

Only curfew we had, was mom yelling out the window

Now no one cares, so we all stuck

They said I was cursed, I called it fucked

Just the good old bad days for me