My Great Depression

Year 2004 is when it took place

She was a girl with benefits I sort of date

So much love in my life, I had it made

We talked for hours, always made my day

Still in my heart, the phone call I await

Had a few problems, but passed buy them easy

Didn't talk for weeks sometimes, but I knew you needed me

Knew I lied at first, but you would still believe me

A whole new world you made me see

Yet my arrogance and ignorance made you bleed

The words you used and the things you said

Was serious sometimes when I called you white girl

The freaky things we talked about made my mind swirl

Don't know what went wrong, planned on giving the world

Can't believe we would end it like that

Forget what they kept telling me, you were my girl

Can never meet another girl that's like you

Though we would never end, you proved me wrong

Didn't break out crying, but I still wasn't strong

The great one ended, but my depression goes on