The Girl Walking By

Hanging out with friends, only four deep

It's a regular day, just on our way

The Jackson station, is where we headed

I'm in one of my moods, just quiet

Just listening to the conversation

Another lesson around the way "bitches"

A demeaning yet entertaining lesson

"Bitches" doing this, that, and the third

I can speak, but won't say a word

I just keep walking on

In the distance, all I see is a mold

Too young to think of girls I'm told

But I'm waiting and dying of anticipation

I sense a speed increase from me

Even my heart has a new beat

The mold turns to shapes

Shape turns to forms

She seems new and different

Head held high with shoulders not moving

Her swagger is like no other

Guys at the gate try to talk to her

But she walks on, head still high

Money thrown in her face, no hesitation

Whistles and calls made, no fidget

All round class to me

I approached and just walked with her

No cat calls, whistles, or even money

Only an exchange of words

Lisa out of Miami

Got her number and a smile

Every time I see her now

All I can think of is our first time

Pure love with no lies