Sitting in a tree full of branches, looking at the sky

Wondering how life sometimes just seems to stop and why > > > >

Crouching tight in the corner, staring at the wall

Wondering how anyone could not feel safe there at all > > > >

Pressing hands against ears, blocking out the voices

Wondering if there's ever a moment you're not faced with choices > > > >

Focusing on the staggered breathing, making everything stop

Wondering if soon the time will come when you will/can just drop > > > >

Fingering the blade, opting for the wall of concrete

Wondering if anyone will notice, succumbing to the beat > > > >

Pulsing in your head, numbing in your hand

Wondering if you will ever get over being bad > > > >

Pausing in the silence, holding your breath

Wondering how anyone could be afraid of death > > > >

Feeling the coolness of the wall, reeling in the pain

Wondering how long it will be until the next rain > > > >

Descending into panic, surrendering to the call

Wondering what else will come toforce you to fall > > > >

Bringing blade to skin, releasing blood tears strong

Wondering what ever the hell made you wait so long > > > >