"What is it about him?

Something so beautiful, I just can't explain,

Like the way he moves in that blue jean jacket

And I find myself starring,

Or how he speaks without words

Because it's written in those crystal blue eyes,

Like the waters under the bridge at Riverside.

Everything about him drives me crazy;

How he smiles

How he makes me laugh

How there's never a dull moment and never a doubt

That when he's gone I'm the one he's thinking about.

So easy going, this Army man of mine,

And out-of-his-mind insane

But I'm not afraid of falling for him,

For in my heart I already did.

I shiver when we kiss

Electricity down my spine,

And somehow when he holds me, it's never felt so right.

He's so much more than ordinary,

Outshining the most envious of stars,

And please don't ask me what I'll do

When he goes away,

So much can happen in two months

As it can in a day.

Know this, as that year passes by

That when he returns,

In happiness, I might cry,

Realizing that,

In his arms is home."

S.N.S. 8:32am