Jars of Forgotten Words

Dropping, soundless to the bottom of a crystal jar

Piling up one on top of another

Forgotten like coins from a pocket emptied

As the days waste slowly away.


The words are spoken, heard and then tossed away

Seeming to have little importance or meaning

Remembered for just moments or seconds

Lost at the bottom of a jar upon a dusty shelf.


Upon a fleeting memory they may be remembered

Searched for with a careless hand

Put back together into something that vaguely makes sense

But is nothing like the truth.


Dust covered, moth eaten words

Fading away in an old crystal jar

Shoved back on a shelf in a darkened closet

Where no one will ever see that it's there.


It's not important, who needs it?

They are just words after all

Spoken freely, soft and gently

To ears deafened by vanity and hate.


No one listens, no one cares

About those who speak the Truth

The words choke the crystal jars and glasses

On the dusty, splintered shelves.


Who will stop and listen, break the crystal jars?

Set aside the vanity and listen to the words

Spoken from the heart with true sincerity

Hoping someone will truly hear and understand the meaning.


So will you listen and not toss them all away?

Will you treasure what is spoken like you would a teddy bear?

Please don't throw them away or break them

Like the heart of He who spoke


Won't you please

Just for once

Listen to the Words?