My writer's block is cured. Hooray! Here is my medicine for you..


I know that you don't care
Cause I know what you think
I'm just another girl
Here to complicate things

I'm so broken
And you don't want me here

I'm too open
And you don't see my fears

What should I expect?
When all you do is push me aside
How can I forget?
When what you did was leave me to die


I'm always screaming
And you don't hear my words

I must be sleeping
Cause you don't feel my hurt

What should I expect?
When you made me become so numb
How could you forget?
The touch of someone looking for love


Mirror Mirror
Find me someone
Who can treat me right

Mirror mirror
Find me someone
Who can hold me tight

Not like you...


I'm always breathing
For another day

I'm always dreaming
It's my own escape