failed mission.

you are there, I am here

what's the distance of our hearts?

hidin' from the love

because love always hurt

but it's hard, it's hard not to feel that.

not matter about the story we shared

all the stories has an end

if I tell you bye someday

don't stop me, just let me go.

definitively I want you

even though I shouldn't feel

because feelings always hurt

I guess, it's a failed mission

definitively I want you

even though the only thing I have for you are my tears

I really want you.

changin' faces it's my way to live

I miss to smile

but I can't remember how to be happy

I sigh and look at sky

I know, something lost

please, don't promise me

you'll be with me forever, it's lie

eternity it'sn't for me.