She wants wide doe eyes to hypnotize
she wants thinner eyebrows and less-flushed cheeks

She wants to be thrown in to the sky
like a cheerleader
and touch the sun with orange-tainted fingertips

She wants to look up at gigantic painted clouds
and see God
she wants to blink her eyes and part the fog

She wants olive skin hidden under shadows
she wants that European accent her family seems to own
she wants rolling hips and a natural rhythm

She wants to be spun in circles
in the pouring rain
with a boy's arms encircling her waist
she wants him to whisper in her ear
lyrics from her current favourite song
(everything's gonna be alright...)

She wants to let the words she'd never speak
escape her lips
and kiss her mother's mind
but those words are sleeping in her belly
like an unborn child
flittering up her throat, desperate for release
like butterfly wings

So she wants
to surf a wave so high
she falls into a palm tree

She wants to see God in the air she breathes
like so many other dreamers do

But she can't

She wants happy
and everything else she can soak up from the world

But maybe it's too much to ask for