Called You a Bitch

It just sounds bad to me

Said in conversation every day

Easy words written out of our vocabulary

Female replace with "Bitch"

I should have seen it coming

It hurts my soul and mind

Demeans the creating force

The most beautiful thing ever made

The female body, spirit, and soul

But even perfection has a flaw

She does whatever to win

She has urges like everyone else

Says something "He" doesn't like

She doesn't give in to him

Then she must be a bitch?

A single mother working hard

Heard to win, to feed her kids

Creating new ideas to rise

But she has a little life left

Is she still a bitch?

A doctor confused during surgery

A young girl confused at heart

Many voices, so many complications

She says yes to please others or "Her Love"

Is she just a bitch?

How would you react to a crying baby?

Crying for his bottle of milk

Everyday they try with her

Her hormones and feelings confuse her

Just a bitch huh?

An independent young women, keen as ever

Outspoken and without reserve

No order can be made to her

Said something that made you scared

So now she's a bitch?

New tears made, feelings broken

Why such a word to portray her?

Even forcing her to take the name

Their long and hard tribulations

You appear and renounce them.