Don't leave me now

Just because of


Stupid mistake I made

So long ago



Or whenever it was


Can't remember

And I should hope that

You would forget it too

But every time you look at me

I feel guilty

For not

Telling you everything

But maybe you know


Seem to know

Everything else about me

Why can't you seem to see me here


I know you do


We spend

Every moment together


I feel like I'm so far apart from you

And like I

Never see you


You'd think I'd suffocate

And shake you off

Like I have with everyone else

But something about the way you

The way you are

Holds a power over me

So I'll

Sit alone on my windowsill

And wait for you to never come

Knowing you only just left

But I'll miss you until you come back

I'll miss you forever

Until I have you here with me forever

Like somehow

I already do

But I'm always afraid of losing you

Because you're the only thing

I've ever been able to hold on to

Just please

Keep me with you

Like you always have