Perfect Imperfection

by Kevin Mason

The Perfect Society

Mankind was not made perfect and was not made to be perfect. The question is, can people overcome the mortal limits and transcend the imperfection that has befallen us as a people, as a world? Can mortal men make a perfect society, the Society?

Can man make a society without death, without pain, without sorrow, without war, without violence, without hate, and without darkness? Is it possible? The Society, would it be perfect, or would it be a twisted blend of communism and totalitarianism?

Man was not made for perfection.

The Balance of Life:

Without hate there is no love,

Without fear there can be no courage,

Without sorrow there will be no joy,

Without death there is no joy in life,

Without pain there can never be feeling,

And without war, peace can never exist.

As long as there is light, there will be shadows.

In life, everything is uniquely and carefully balanced. There is a time for all things; a time for everything beneath heaven. There can never be perpetual light, as shadows will always exist where the glory of light fails to reach. Without pain and sorrow and death and war and fear and hate, no one can truly live.

Everything balances; without the bad things in life, the good things lose their splendor. Everything balances.

The Principles of Perfection and Greed

Perfection. What is perfection? Perfection is the unobtainable joy that lies just out of reach, always out of reach. As little children reach up to touch the sky, we all reach out to touch that which we can never quite grasp, something no mortal man will ever feel, ever know. Perfection.

Greed. As long as it exists in our hearts, perfection will be out of reach; for men, by nature, are greedy and lustful. Desiring to please their own hunger, their own greed. It is despairing that Marx's dream is limited only because the greed of men knows no bounds. Perfection. Greed.

As long as there is men, there will be greed, and as long as there is greed, there will be no perfection.

But is perfection really what men desire? Or is it just a goal, for often times, obtaining is not such a sweet thing as wanting.

What if 'perfection' was obtainable. Is a utopian society really what men desire? How can there be emotion without sorrow, life without death, love without hatred, feeling without pain. Is perfection what men really want?

Let's say 'perfection' is obtainable. No hate, no fear, no sorrow, no death, no pain, no war. The world comes together under one government, one religion, one culture, one way of life. How would people live? There could be no knowledge of the past, or of anything outside the confines of the Society. Would those in charge be able to resist the temptation to take advantage of the people's lack of knowledge? Would the world slip from a utopian society to twisted form of totalitarianism?

The world would either crumble apart, or truly live as one. There would be no countries, no choices, no violence, no need for heroes and no need for enemies. Everyone would work for the good of the society, all would work for themselves and each other, doing whatever they could.

Can people live without a past, without thoughts, without decisions?

Problems of a Mortal Perfection

Life is an intense blend of emotion. A combination some can cope with, and others cannot. This blend pushes some people to the point of insanity, and others far beyond it. There is no third group. Everyone who has not gone insane is hanging at the end of themselves.

The truth is, no matter how wonderful someone's life seems, they have problems. Everyone has problems. It is impossible to see whose life is harder, for we, as humans, are inclined to feel sorry more for ourselves than for others. This is understandable, for one can understand what he is going through better than he can understand what someone else is going through.

Everyone has problems, everything balances. A man who seemingly has it all, also will have all the problems that come with the good things he has. A man who has nothing will have less worry about. This seems untrue at first glance, but it is more than true, after careful observation, it is nearly undeniable.

How can perfection exist if everyone has problems? The answer is quite simple. In a perfect society, the people can have nothing. Everything they need will be provided by the government. If everything you need is provided by the government, then what need is there for greed?

So the problem of greed is solved. Or is it? In Marx's plan, the government would provide for everyone, but what keeps the government from cheating the people? Can any man resist the temptation to take advantage of others in such a way? Perhaps, but "absolute power corrupts absolutely."

It seems that where greed would no longer be as plentiful, it would still exist. Can greed be stamped out completely? It is doubtful. Greed has undermined almost every great undertaking in human history. Greed is an aspect of humanity that seems impossible to remove.

Can any man resist the temptation they would be faced with in a perfect society's government?

The Stir of Dissention

The mind works endlessly to develop a sense of purpose. Everyone has a purpose, a reason for being; everyone is searching for his own purpose. Some find what they seek in religion, others in service, others in their own pleasures, but there is one truth in this search, and that is: If one has nothing to die for, then he will have nothing to live for; if one has nothing to live for, then there is no reason for being, no purpose.

Every man is alone in his own search for purpose. No one can give someone else a purpose. A purpose must be found on one's own.

But what purpose could there be in a perfect world? There would be no purpose, which would in turn cause the mind to question its own existence. The mind would question everything, and thus be open to theories of conspiracy, or even, perhaps, create its own theories. But fear, and desire for things to be comfortably unchanging may stop the mind's search for reason.

Therefore, only the most questioning minds would remain to challenge the system. The old would become so comfortable in there lacking existence that they would no longer care; and the young would learn from the old, and slowly slip into the same manner of comfort.

Such is the hope of the Society, that this system would cause revolutionists to cease to exist. Of course, there would be those who still questioned the system. Through propaganda, these people would be passed off as madmen.

The "perfect" society has now seemingly become imperfect. The government has, with the hopes of making the world perfect, created a society with what appears to be a low standard of living. The people are deceived to keep them happy, but is that justification?

Is the Society perfect after all?

The Human Spirit

A man is what he says he is. One can do anything he or she has to with the right mindset.

Adrenaline. That's what they call the limitless abilities and strength humans have. Explained away by science, just like everything else anyone has ever felt.

The human spirit, the soul, is bound by nothing. Not time, not matter, not even the body in which it resides. A human will not die until he has surrendered to death. A human is not bound by "human regulations".

This is because the realms of existence of humans are twofold: Existence spiritually and existence physically.

The mindset is everything. One can accomplish what he sets out to do, even the so-called impossible. We are not bound by any earthly force, as proved by adrenaline. Medically, adrenaline makes perfect sense, but from a spiritual or emotional standpoint, it makes just as much, if not more sense.

The mind wants something so badly, that the body temporarily breaks free from all physical regulations. Strength, speed, and endurance are suddenly limitless; the mind becomes so obsessed with one's goal, that all the body has left to do, is to reach that goal.

This is what the human spirit is; the endless abilities. And this is what life is; goals, challenges, and regulations. Regulations are just rules though, and rules are meant to be broken.

Not one man can say that after jogging one hundred miles, they could not go just one more inch . . . and one more inch . . . and one more inch . . . just one more. . . . Your body will ache; legs burning, heart racing, throat dry, but you can do it if you need to, if you want to badly enough.

There are no limits! There can never be limits!

The Society can take anything else away from people, any other aspect of human emotion, but they can never take the human spirit. The human spirit cannot be squelched by man or beast.

How can the Society have complete control if people have the human spirit?

Love and Hate

Love is a strange emotion. It will cause you to do things you would not otherwise do, while giving you a sense of purpose and belonging.

Love is a powerful emotion. It binds people and gives them what they need to keep going everyday. It cannot be squelched. It cannot be stopped.

Love is something that will hinder the Society. Why? By all means, love is necessary. But with love comes hate, and with hate comes pain. In order to make a completely painless world, there can be no hate. Without hate there can be no love, without love there can be no hate. It is a simple and mathematical equation. The easiest way to put a stop to hate, is to put a stop to love.

Without hate, there are no enemies, but there are also no friendships, no relationships. Friends and family become weak bonds; easily severed. By taking away hate and love, the Society made its people emotionally retarded. The best of friends are on the social level of mere acquaintances by our standards.

Love leads to hate, hate leads to pain, pain leads to despair and death. It is a simple equation. In our existence, love hinders perfection, but it is something so necessary, so desperately needed, that our lives would be far from complete without such a thing as love.

Love. Can it be removed from our lives? Alas, there is no replacement for love; nothing any man has to offer even comes close. Nothing. Nothing anyone can offer is worth trading for love, nothing the Society does to make up for the loss of it will suffice.

It seems the perfection of the Society is in question. Perfection. It all comes down to the Balance of Life. The Society has successfully removed almost all the negative aspects of life, but at what cost? The people of the Society lost everything good in life when they attempted to make the world a perfect place. It seems that even the purest of motives can lead to horrible things.

All the evils of the world are gone, and all the good with it. Is this what perfection is? No, this is what you see when you look into the empty smiles of the people; empty smiles that reflect empty lives. This is not perfection. This is emptiness.

Is this the lesser of two evils, or is it greatest evil of all?

Life's Great Unbalancing:

Tipping the Carefully Calibrated Scales

Mortal men are not capable of sustaining perfection; that much is obvious by now. However, my friends, do not despair, for one day (someday soon, I suspect) we will be a part of a perfect society.

No, man cannot achieve perfection, but man can become a part of perfection. And one day, perfection will become a reality, and we will not need to give the good up to dispose of the evil.

One day all shadows will be cast out forever.

Until we see that glorious day,

K. Mason