In the Darkness

By: Kaoticus

Hi you guys, another story coming out, I didn't write it, though. My brother Kao did, and he's computer illiterate.

Kao: this one is for Knightmare Elite. I'm sorry about knocking your story, but in my opinion, this is the way that vamp stories should be written.

Everest surveyed his damage with amusement. Three mortals were dead, and one was slowly bleeding to death. Everest paid no attention to that one. Its blood was poisoned. There was no cure for vampire blood. Vampire victims always die. Everest looked over to the young girl sobbing on the sidewalk. He smiled. "Cry, little girl, cry. Do you think it will bring them back?" Humans were so stupid, so amusing.

The girl looked up, straight toward him, it seemed. He was startled for a second, but he remembered swiftly that the human wouldn't be paying attention to him. He looked over to where the emergency personnel was covering the dead bodies. Already bored, he turned away. "Don't move. I'll. . . I'll scream." Everest turned around. The girl he had seen earlier was behind him. Everest was startled at her beauty; he never believed a human could be beautiful, but this one was. Her skin was a dark black, almost ebony, with startlingly light honeyduke brown eyes. She had a perfect figure, and full lips with high cheekbones. Everest was slightly lighter, not brown, but tan. He had brown hair that hung into his eyes. He was a bit thin but with enough muscle to slay both a vampire or any other creature of the eternal night.

"Do you not a fucking heart, what is all of this shit about!?" the black girl yelled.

"My heart stopped a long time ago, and I was bored." He calmly returned.

" Its crap like this that I can't understand you damn people!"she screamed back.

"You don't even know what I am or what you have just gotten yourself into."He fired at her.

"I know your insane and who cares what I've gotten myself into!"she yelled.

" Before I kill you, what's your name?" Everest replied

"That's the most gayest pick up line I've ever heard."she laughed.

" Whoever said I was playing around?" He replied again.

"Your really serious, aren't you?" she asked him

"You cause me more misery than your worth." he growled " For now on I'll call you misery, since that's all you can give me."

"So, your not gonna kill me?"she asked softly

"Not at the moment, your blood does not call for me." he answered.

Everest turned and walked away, leaving Misery to her dead family. Everest's thirst for blood had been filled for the night. He laughed as he thought about how Misery might be depressed for the rest of her life. Maybe in a week or so he might return and make her life a little more harsh. The simple thought made the long walk home more pleasant. The smile crept across his face as all the possibilities came to mind. Maybe he might even turn her if she proved to be worthy enough. He quickly dismissed the notion away into the darkness of his mind. The sunlight was coming, so he rushed home and thought about what had happened this night.

Meanwhile Misery stood where Everest left her and stopped the tears from erupting from inside her. That stupid jerk had just dismissed her like a child does a play toy. It was as if she was not even worth his time. What kind of creature could kill innocent people for his amusement, and not feel bad in the slightest? Misery had only heard of creatures like this one time; her father had told her briefly. Vampires. Creatures of the darkness, always lurking in the shadows, pale, blood thirsty, and sickening. Misery shuddered. A vampire, killing her family? Well, it made sense; her parents had been vampire slayers. Had the vampire killed them for revenge, or to protect himself from their attacks?

She looked around to see one of the police officers walking slowly towards her. Following next to him was her aunt. Misery knew her life was over now, with her entire family gone, and nothing but her supposed aunt to protect her and treat her like family. She sighed inwardly.

"I swear, by all things human and godly, I will kill that vampire," she vowed softly, as she approached her aunt and the officer.

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