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jus' a li'l reminder:
Cassie is 18

Thor is 17

Kat is 17

Xzer and Xzavier are 16

Zonya, Zoe, Zilla, and Zane are 15

Emily, Ella, and Eloise are 12

Katie Claire is 8

Nigel and Nevin are 4

After dinner that Saturday evening Zoe spent several minutes preparing her pink watermelon Jell-o.

"Do not touch my Jell-o!" she told everyone.

"Eww. Who would want to?" Xzer asked.

"We should put a goldfish in it." Xzavier muttered.

"Xzavier James." Dad warned, "If you do-"

"I won't. I won't." he said.

"Soccer game's on!" Zilla shrieked from the other room. The twins ran to catch the beginning.

"This is in Spanish!" Xzer shouted as he threw himself onto the couch.

"Beggers can't be choosers." Kat retorted. "That's all that's on"

The remaining few of us left in the living area- Mom, dad, me, Zonya, Ella, Eloise, and Katie Claire- sat in silience for a while, each reading our respective material.

"Where are Nigel and Nevin?" Ella asked no one in particular. I began to wonder and finally decided to investigate their absence. As I walked into the kitchen they shut the refrigerator door.

"Did you eat your dinner?" I asked them, suspecting them of looking for a snack. they nodded. "You shouldn't eat this close to bed time." I continued, "go get your PJ's on"

"You're not our boss." one of them said.

"Mommy's gonna tell you the same thing." I told them.

"Nigel, Nevin, go get your PJ's on!" mom shouted from the other room.

"Aw man! Come on, Nevin." Nigel groaned, leading his brother into the hall and upstairs.

On the way home from church the following afternoonZonya picked a fight with Zoe.

"Couldn't I please give you a make-over, Zo?" she asked, opening up one of those old, never ending arguements.

"No." Zoe said.

"But, Zo, you're always complaining about how intolerant people are toward you. If I gave you a make-over you wouldn't have to worry about it"

"Their intolerance is their problem taken out on me"

"Zoe, If you're gonna be different you have to accept other people's opinions." Zonya said very matter-of-factly.

"If you want my opinion-" Zoe shouted, turning around in her seat.

"Girls!" I shouted.

"Well, if Zonya wasn't so"

"If Zoe didn't complain so much"

"Shut up!" Zilla shouted.

"You shut up." Zonya replied.

"All of you shut up!" Zane topped.

"Stay out of this, Zane"

"I-" Zonya began. My foot slammed the brake. All four quads were thrown foreward against their seatbelts.

"Cassie!" All four shouted in unison.

"Stop fighting and mind your own business!" I retorted. There was silience for several minutes until we drove in the driveway.

While I was in my room changing out of my church clothes and into something a bit more comfortable I heard a shriek from the kitchen and the sound of combat boots came banging up the stairs, they passed my room, then proceded up the next staircase. I sensed a fight and followed.

"It wasn't funny!" Zoe shouted, throwing herself against Xzer and Xzavier's bedroom door.

"What'd we do?" One of them asked from the other side.

"You know!" Zoe pummelled the door again.

"No, we don't"

"Come out and you can see and remember." Zoe stepped back. The door opened a tiny crack and, when they were sure Zoe wasn't going to decapitate them, the two-some stepped into the hallway. Zoe picked up the dish she had made her Jell-o in which sat in the middle of the hallway. I stepped foreward to see what was going on. The triplets and Zilla were right behind me and Thor was racing toward us from the other end of the hall. In the bottom of Zoe's Jell-o there was an assortment of legos, a cheerio, a pen, and a hermit crab all suspended in the stiff liquid.

"You're not gonna eat that are you, Zo?" Xzavier asked her.

"That is certainly the most disgusting and revolting thing I have ever seen!" Eloise shouted.

"You can't tell me you didn't do this." Zoe said.

"We didn't, Zo"

"Then who did"

"Couldn't tell yeh, mate." Xzavier shrugged innociently.

"That's Nigel's hermit crab." Emily said

"Nigel?" Zilla said, skeptically.

"Maybe he did it, Zo." Xzer shrugged.

"Or maybe its just your pitiful attempt to blame him"

"What's all the shouting about!" Dad demanded, coming down the hallway. Everyone was silient for a second berfore we all started talking at once.

"Silience!!!!!" Mom shouted over us. We all stood and watched her marching down the hall at us. "I knew that fifteen children under one roof would be chaotic but I did not expect this! What in the world is going on?" Mom scolded and took a second to stare us all down. "Zoe, you seem to be at the center of this. What's the problem?

"Someone put Nigel's hermit crab in my Jell-o." Zoe told her. Mom's eyes grew wide and she looked around at us.

"Does anyone know anything about this?" she demanded, "Xzer? Xzavier"

"I swear we didn't do it." Xzavier said.

"You told us not to put a fish in it why would we put Nigel's hermit crab in there"

"I don't know. Sometimes you do things like that though"

"Not this time, mum"


"I didn't do it"

"Zonya? Cassie?" we shook our heads. "Zane?" He denied it.

"Don't look at us. That's disgusting." Eloise said, stepping backwards. Thor was questioned. Katie Claire wasn't even considered. All that was left was Nigel and Nevin who weren't present. Mom sighed and we followed her down the hall to their room where they were sitting on the floorin their underwear playing with cars.

"My boys." mom said, "Are you in trouble?" They shook their heads 'no'. "Are you sure?" she pried. Big grins spread accross their faces and they shook their heads 'no' again. "Have you been sneaky?" Mom asked. "Did you put legos in Zoe's Jell-o"

"Yeah." Nevin said, "and Sam"

"Sam, the hermit crab"


"You made Zoe mad"

"But Sam is happy!" Nigel said, enthusiastically.

"No, honey, Sam is dead"

"Why is Sam dead"

"Because hermit crabs can't live in Jell-o"

"But I gave him food. He likes Cheerios"

"Nevin, he had no air to breathe in there"

"Crabs don't have to breathe"

"Baby, everything needs to breathe." mom said, obviously trying not to laugh. The boys thought this over.

"Not rocks." Nigel said.

"Everything that's alive.

"Was Sam alive"

"Yes, but not anymore"

"Sam's dead?

"Yes, honey"

"Can I see?" Nigel asked. Mom showed him the dish with the Jell-o and the dead crab in it. The Jell-o was getting soft and there was liquid on top of the jiggley stuff. Nigel made a face."Is Zoe gonna eat that"

"No, and I think you owe Zoe an appollogy.

"Sorry, Zoe." They chorused.

"Told you we didn't do it." Xzer said.

"You would have." she hissed. We returned to the kitchen for lunch and mom started to throw the crab adn Jell-o away.

"NO!" Ella shrieked. "You can't just throw him away"

"Ella, it will smell if we try and keep it." Dad said.

"You're sure he's dead"

"Yes, honey"

"Then we should give him a proper funeral"

"After lunch."

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