I think it is wrong
from the start
You should not feel pain
When it comes to your heart,
I say you deserve more
Much more than me
I'm not what you think
I am your tragedy.

Are you up for the challenge?
Will it matter how long?
Will you die for me
Til a funeral song?
Has there been a time
where your heart is pained
squeezing so tight
and ruins the brain?
Love is a drug
a contagious disease
a broken mirror
two heartfelt pleas,
Is it love?
Or some kind of crush?
I really don't care!
Why think so much?!

Fine! He's in my mind!
Stuck like glue
breaking my heart
though wanting him too!
I try to make it easy
best if I lift his frown
let him know how I feel
That hearts can be bound

'Us' so certainly
One day I will do
Give what I have
and learn to love him too.

A/N: dedicated to Leo