No Longer Alone

the heart is changing

my soul is lossing

my mind is confusing

my life is blinding

your smile is misleading

your laugh is killing

the words percing

my path is fogging

and my eyes arn't percieving

everyone is leaving

without the kissing

the hugs are emptying

no one is laughing

everything is dying

people are lying

my heart is smiling

vengence is in my soul controling

anger is percing

haterad is fueling

people are eating

not knowing

so cluless to everything happening

no one pays attention no one is listeing

not untill they hear that sound

hearts are breaking

silence is killing

emptyness is percivering

the love is timeless

and disapearing

no one knows where there turning

but i look in your eyes completely unknowing

and i see the heart what was once loving

i wonder whats happening

i wonder when our lives seperated

and i see the paining of your soul

and i smile knowing i'm no longer


(A/n Not like i usaully write but i just decided to do something different i dunno if i like it or not so give me your imput guys! REVIEW!!! waves