Right. Now.

If I could melt softly into the way your

lips curl (and smile preciously) around

everything you say and your

pretty boy eyes like gems still

send shivers trailing down my spine

and every kiss is lingering nirvana

dripping from your fingertips.


If Time could just be so nice as to

s t o p f o r u s

just in this moment

we could show the world the way we

sugar-coat cliches and piece ourselves together

in all the right (they think it's so wrong) ways

and forever like you said might seem a little more real

if we weren't always torn away...

peeling myself from your breathtaking voice

just to say goodbye (too many times) again.


It's four am and I'm always trying to sleep

but too busy starving of your touch and thinking

of how tomorrows are always so much better

than the nights (I'm aching) without you.