A/N: This was an assignment from my Mythology teacher. I loved writing it and I hope you will love reading it! And here it is: Hades' view on the Persephone 'incident'!

The Chronicle of the Lord of the Dead

(A.K.A. Hades)


(His Royal Highness)



The Fates are twisted…sick really. Not only did they curse me to rule this grim place but they cursed me with a family that actually believes that they have a sense of humor. The first misfortune has its redeeming qualities: Power, a throne, and a set of rules to follow that are my own. However, all the latter damnation has ever given me is a series of practical jokes and an arrow in arm. Oh yes, aren't I the lucky one… Of course I knew what happened, after all I know the little…god, who just so happens to fly around shooting people. Sigh I don't have time for this.

It was then that I saw her. Daisy clutched in her hand, the beautiful goddess stood there, soaking in her surroundings. An unforgiving sensation clutched at my heart, Is this what love is? I decided that I did not like it and fled to my home, hoping to clear my head from the fanciful thoughts that took up residence against my will.

As days passed, my resolve weakened and my torment grew. My thoughts all revolved around her…Sweet Persephone with her shining hair and luminous eyes. And of course her ever present, overbearing, holier-than-thou mother Demeter. That would be a problem. How to take the child without alerting the mother.

This is why I went to Zeus, whose many loves in life included trickery and deception. I told him of my plight. He then surprised me, my brother told me of his daughters love for flowers and her curious nature, he helped create a beautiful plant with a bloom that inspired awe so great that it would lure her to it the moment her eyes touched upon its downy petals. He told me that the match I proposed was a fair one, seeing as I was a powerful god and was in need of a queen for my kingdom. He also vowed not to tell Demeter of our plans as he knew that she would argue our wishes.

Plan formed in my mind, I waited. Which is quite a feat, considering that I never wait for anything? Finally my chance came when my Persephone visited the plains of Enna without her domineering mother at her heels, her only company was a few friends that I didn't recognize and therefore were of no importance.

The flower was planted and the inevitable investigation of my bride-to-be followed, I sprang from the earth, quite dramatically, with my prize stallions, my best chariot and my finest apparel. I felt a twinge of guilt at the horror on my loves face but ignored it, knowing it would pass once we were home. Her screams made my head pound and I caught myself disliking this whole 'love' thing for the millionth time before chancing the thought from my wandering mind.

Our ride was cut short by a foolish sea-nymph who had the nerve to attempt to stop me. What nerve, Persephone was to be my wife not my slave…

The weeks that followed were both wonderful and aggravating. My bride fell into lapses of grief once in a while, but also conversed with me for hours on end about everything and nothing at once. I enjoyed our talks; they were a blessed retreat from the mindless creatures I spent all my other hours around. She was as intelligent as she was beautiful and she learned to accept my love for her. Yet her tears irritated me, she cried for her mother still, even with my love and devotion… I gave her everything she asked for, the finest that earth, the heavens and the underworld had to offer yet still she cried. Women…

There was a steady increase of souls traveling across Acheron and Charon was growing weary of making the trip back and forth so frequently that he asked me for a larger vessel. This made me weary of what might have been happening above yet I told myself I was being paranoid.

Then one particularly miserable day, Hermes showed up…uninvited. I swear by the river Styx that that god loves irritating me with his ever-optimistic view on life. With a cheery tilt to his voice he told me of Demeter's actions on earth, I wanted to call him a liar and throw him the river of fire, Phlegathon, yet I knew he told the truth. The increasing numbers of the dead surrounding me proved that. He asked me to release my wife per Zeus's request and Demeter's demands.

Panic ripped threw me, allow Persephone to leave me? The beautiful, sweet goddess that brought light to my kingdom and, dare I admit, my heart? It was then that I remembered the words of the Fates, if Persephone ate something of my realm, she would have to stay at least part of the time. Tempted with hunger, she accepted the deep red seeds of the pomegranate I offered her. I told her to go to her mother and that I loved her, that was the first time that I saw her eyes fill with tears of joy. I found this to be not nearly as grating.

She left with Hermes and I found myself alone with sorrow. Then I smiled, she would be back…my beautiful bride, for a third of every year she would be mine.

I decided to send Eros my gratitude. After all, I believe that dear little Eros will have a run-in with fate as well.


I was pulled from my thoughts by the very goddess that plagued them; I turned to face her, my expression stern as to not reveal the joy that her beauty brought me, "M'Lady Persephone? What is it that has roused you this eve?"

"Oh, is it night? I could not tell, for I cannot sleep."

This troubled me and I worried that she wished to leave me when she had only just arrived. "Why is that, Persephone, my love?"

"Did you not tell me that you were to retire hours ago?" Persephone asked, her forehead wrinkling as it often does when she is confused or curious.

"Yes, dear heart. I was merely finishing my evening tasks."

My beautiful wife's eyes lit up as though she had a joke to tell, "Are you writing in your journal, my love?" She asked, amusement coloring her voice.

Journal, ha! Me? The Master of the Underworld write in a journal?! Outrageous! "Why, no, of course not, dearest." I assured her as turned back to the book I had been writing in. I signed it with a manly flourish and paused to admire it before returning my mind to the more important beauty…my wife. Who was laughing at me. Women…

"Come, M'lord. Let us retire, you do not rest nearly enough." She chided as she took hold of my hand with her small, delicate one.

"I need not the rest of a mortal."

Persephone just gave me a look of eternal patience, "Please, Hades. Come to bed. For it would please me greatly."

Anything for my wife.


So? SO???? Whadda ya tink?