Okay, so I finally decided to write a somewhat less depressing poem, for once. I just kind of wrote as I went, so the flow is probably off, and it seems like I'm rambling and repeating myself... Oh, and with the animals, I looked up what they are a symbol of if it doesn't make sense. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Falling rain, sweet drops of water,
Why do people think you so blue?
You cool the skin of workers,
Bring joy to the dancing young,
End the poverty of farmers of drought-striken soil.

Taken for granted by all ungrateful children of yours,
You stay modest and never pout.
Always thought as a thing of sorrow,
You utter no words of defense;
You nourish the beauty of Earth.
The rose, such a symbol of love and devotion.
The hummingbird, sweet optimistic messenger.
The wheat, with which mouths are not left empty.
The owl, creature of wisdom and truth.
All nothing without you.

Drip after drop falling onto the ground,
Keeping this world living.
Your persevere as heartbroken poets Write your reputation away for mere resemblence of tears.

Always thought of as blue,
The color does you no justice.
Anything but blue, but sorrow.
Cherry red, as you love all your children.
Spring green, as you let life flourish and give hope to the world.
Plum, as you bring good fortune and luck.
Sunny yellow, as you bring happiness with life and daffodils.

Dear, loving rain, I spread my arms to you,
Cherishing these happy drops,
None a tear of sadness, but that of great joy. I smile at you,
Sing with affection,
Dance in your presence,
Welcoming the life you bring.