Note: This is a short story I wrote for english class for black history month. She loved it my teacher, but plz give me your opinion.

A Love of a Different Kind

The thunder roared at the scene, and the lightning flashed revealing it. The rain poured down upon the remaining people, and washed the dirt from their cold bodies. Only one person shed a tear for the young soul who was sent to heaven. The stone-faced cops were constantly repeating, "It was only a warning shot," when they knew they really didn't care. The parents showed no remorse, yet they felt as if he had it coming. Who cares about a traitor? She did!

It never snows in South Carolina. Ellise always wished it would. She just wanted one day when she could collapse into the cold white fluff falling from the sky. A girl can dream, she thought. She could not wait until she turned eighteen, and she could fly to a place, where it snowed, and she could get away from that life.

She combed her soft black hair and slipped into her uniform and shoes, almost ready for school. Not one of those integrated ones though.

"White man never ceases to bring us down." It was the same speech she got from her father every morning. "You fight in a war with these men, and they're glad to have you, but once you return, you make them sick. They don't respect you at all. These white people are lazy and ignorant, and disrespectful toward other human-beings." She agreed. Her father was a war veteran, an old and tired one. He never recieved a thing for it, except for a job as a janitor, with a wife who was a maid to a white family. Life was pitiful. If only she didn't have to get hand me downs from the five other Bailey kids, and pass it to the seventh, she would be happy. However, life was everything but a dream.

She ran out of the house door to meet Angelina. Angelina was her long time best friend. They told each other everything, and she would have never thought she could turn on her.

They talked about nonsense and gossiped, just like all the other girls of different colors. Then the talking stopped. Well, at least on Ellises part, for crossing the street was one of the most gorgeous men she had ever seen. Too bad he was white.

She turned her head away from him, when he glanced at her, and continued to walk.

" I think you should join the military, after you graduate. You need to build some character. You are can I put this...not....not strong enough emotionally."

" Basically, you think I am a punk." Joseph looked at his father in amazement."Just 'cause I don't like to beat people half to death, in the street, doesn't mean I'm a punk." He could not stand his parents. They always managed to get on his nerves. Worst of all, since he was an only child, he could never get away from their constant nagging.

" Listen, stop being so ignorant. You refuse to see those animals for what they really are. They always want something. As if we want to share with them. Imagine one of them in a restaurant with you breathing on your food. I clean them off the streets."

Joseph wanted to strangle his father and tell him what ignorant meant. It was the perfect word to describe him. He always thought that cops were nothing. They had nothing better to do than beat up people. Wait, he thought, people, in general were sorry things, they beat up on each other. Joseph was furious.

" Whatever! I'll think about it." He got up from his chair and left the house. He was on his way to school. He wasn't in the mood to see his friends, so he walked alone. The school was close by, but he took the long way. He was glad he did.

As he crossed the street, he saw the prettiest, that was an understatement, the most beautiful girl.....female..........human-being ever. She had no flaws, according to him, but in the eyes of his parents, her flaw was that she was black. He realized that he was gawking at an empty space, because the girl had been long-gone.

Ellise was exhausted from the constant droning of the nuns. She was all ready to collapse onto her couch and sleep. That was all she ever did. It was better than not being able to buy things from the front of a store, or even get a front seat on the bus. She was ready to drift away into her magical thoughts, or the lands and lives of her story books.

She always wanted to be a writer and prayed it would come true. She could be a female Langston Hughes. She would go on up to New York and listen to that cool jazz music, she heard on the radio, up close. The girl is a dreamer.

Ellise smiled to herself. She was actually glad to be walking alone. Angelina took the bus, because she was in a hurry, but Ellise needed time to herself. That was her worst mistake, because it led to the rest of the events.

Walking right to her was the brown haired, green eyed, white skinned beauty. She prayed it wasn't for something bad

School was the only place Joseph felt good in. He liked to listen to the teachers , talk about the past and to read the books assigned to him. But, he could not keep his mind on class. His mind was stuck on the girl. His parents would be glad that he liked a girl, seeing how he had no girlfriend, and they thought he was weak. However, the fact that she was black would kill their ignorant, cold, coal hearts. All he really wanted was to see her again and talk to her. See if she was the angel he thought she was, and then he would leave her alone, not to be bothered by those white supremacist. His chance came.

He was on the bus reading his book. Not a schoolbook, and not a library book. It was a book given to him by his favorite teacher, Mr. Downey, the only one with common- sense. It was a book written by a black author, who he someday wished to go find more about. He wished to leave this place and not think twice about it.

Joseph lifted his head from the entrancing story to look for his stop, but instead he saw her again. He knew it was fate. He hopped off the bus and ran after her. She stopped walking for him. And when he reached her, he knew all his assumptions were correct.

He did not know what to say, all he could do was smile. He held out hand and told her his name. He could have sworn that when she spoke, music of the angels came out instead.

His name was Joseph. Like the bible, Joseph. She knew he wouldn't hurt her. It was cuter up close, and his smile was perfect. He could have been an actor in one of those soap operas her mother watched at work. His voice was soft and warm like she could be wrapped up into it.

It did not take long before they started a conversation. It was as if they had known each other for years. They talked as if there was no color barrier between them. It seemed like hours before they reached her house. She realized that he was much better company than Angie. It was the first time she did not gossip just to fit in. To think she got such great company from a white boy.

They stood in front of her door and talked a few seconds more. And then he left. She knew it would not be the last she saw of him. She prayed it wouldn't.

"Ellise.......... Ellise............... Ellise......" He found himself repeating her name. He knew he was in love and he did not care about what the world thought. He felt for her so deeply. This was a love that he found, that he felt in one day when it took others years to realize they felt it. Nothing could compare to his eternal bliss!
Weeks passed. Ellise would walk home purposely to meet him on her way home. Angelina never felt like walking with her. Ellise wanted to tell her badly, but she didn't know how, it wasn't like they were dating.

Months passed and they were dating. Even though it was wrong in the if society, she could not help but love him more and more each day. She gathered the courage to explain this to her friend. But, something had gone wrong.

" Gie Gie, I have to tell you something," she screamed. Angelina didn't even look behind her. Ellise ran to meet her." Gie! I want to tell you something!"

"I don't want to hear about it. Tell it to your little white boy." Ellise was puzzled." Yea! I saw you walkin' home with him the other day. Don't you remember that their the ones keepin' us at the bottom.! " Angelina turned in disgust.

"He is not like that!", she said, no, roared ferociously. " You'll trade us for those racist bums. I guess we won't be seein' you at the lobby, huh!"

"I thought you were my friend. And, who are you to call him racist. You are just like them. You're both stupid!"

They separated and were off , neither regretting what they had said. No one could stop her from dating him.

His parents found out. Most likely through his friends, even though he hadn't told them a thing. But, news goes around in that small town of nosey white folks.

His father turned beet red. Joseph knew that it was no time to laugh, but the shades of red and purple his parents were changing were hilarious. It just worsened the situation.

"Are you an animal lover? Did I raise my son to date pigs?"

This upset him more than anything. He was ready to burst. But, his smart mouth took over.

" You know, I love that white suit and hat you have in your closet, dad. I've been wondering, how many innocent Negroes have you hung today? Oh, and how many did you butcher? I like to keep count!"

His father grabbed him by shirt collar and threw him into the wall. Joseph had lost his breath, but the only way he knew how to handle the situation was to get up and laugh in his father's face.

It made his father angrier than he had ever been.

"Why don't you just quit your job as a zookeeper, and spare this family the embarrassment.", he said. Then he opened the house door, got in his car and drove off. His mother was staring at him as if he were Satan come to get her.

He brushed himself off and walked to his room. He had finally stood up to his father.

She had lost a so-called friend that she had known for eleven years. This was no little fight over a boy. Her friend had insulted her and tossed her aside like trash. It was if she were like the white people. They really were the same.

Angeline and Ellise's parents were close, and she knew it wouldn't be long before her parents and she would take whatever they had coming to her. She would run off into the sunset forever with the love of her life. If only her life were not full of dreams...

Her parents weren't home. Probably going to work late tonight, she thought. She sat in the kitchen in front of the door waiting for them. She did her homework for an hour before the phone rang. She picked it up, surprised to hear the voice on the other end of the phone.

" Ellise? Indeed to talk to you". Joseph told her about his parents, but he sounded glad; but she could not help praying her parents would not react the same way. She told him about Angelina and her parents, but they agreed to stand by each other no matter what.

As she hung up the phone, it rang once more. That was when she recieved the news that her mother had just had the baby. And as excited as she was, she did not want to wait so long to tell them the news, but how could she ruin their happy event. So she held back.

It was Sunday morning but he wasn't ready, to go to church. And his parents didn't bother to wake him. They had not bothered to talk to him in the past four days. He was glad.

Tomorrow he planned to lobby with Ellise for her civil rights. Imagine the shock on their faces when they saw him and his girlfriend together. He could see the disgust in their eyes, and he could not wait.

They would turn heads. How many times do you see a white guy protesting. It was funny to him. After that, no one could tear them apart. At least, that is what he thought.

She broke the news four days later when her mom came out of the hospital. Her mom took it pretty well, but only because she was exhausted from the crying baby. But, her dad blew like she thought he would. She couldn't remember what he said before he locked her room. She knew she would get through it though.

She focused her mind on happiness. All she wanted to think about was tomorrow morning, when all the black people would gather and fight. Then right in the center would be her and Joseph actually uniting and making a difference. That was all she wanted, to be able to eat in a restaurant with him, watch a movie with him, and share a home with him.

If only...

The shouts were heard all over town. Signs lifted high above the heads, with phrases like "Separate but Equal". Another typical day in the south.

Ellise and Joseph met up with each other by her house, while her father followed her angrily with his eyes. Both he and his wife would be busy. And the baby was screaming day and night and noone wanted to leave her side.

They spoke like it was a typical day. Laughing, joking, and all of that stuff, never noticing the rude stares of others.

They roared with the crowd and walked with the crowd. He acted as if he were fighting too. And, when police came, they joined their hands together, actually becoming one. Maybe the best day of their lives, but definitely the last of ones.

A commotion occurred in the front. The cameramen were looking forward to it. Even though it was extremely small, it gave the cops enough time to shoot into the air. The crowd scattered, but a few stayed. Joseph and Ellise were part of them, well, until Joseph collapsed onto the cold pavement.

His eyes were half open, and he squirmed in pain. She hoped it would only be minor, and the doctors could save him. She searched for the bullet wound, because she knew it wasn't his head, otherwise he would be dead. It was quite awkward, seeing as how the bullet was shot into the air and all. Unless, it made a U-turn.

She didn't notice the police chase going on, or the arrival of his parents. Well, she had never seen them. However, all she cared about was him.

He knew it wasn't an accident. He knew he was a clear shot. He knew he was going to die.

His body ached tremendously. His heart hurt too. But, he regretted nothing. He smiled at her, thinking, I have done more with my life than others older than me.

He did not give his last words, because everything he had to say she already knew.

She knew he died peacefully, with a smile on his face, and his beautiful green eyes open to the world. Too bad she would die alone. She closed his eyes, and cried over his body. She kept her promise and stood by him no matter what, despite the way death lingered around him. She kissed his head and refused to leave. At least until an hour passed, and the cops dragged her away, kicking and screaming in the pouring rain.

If only there were a place dreamers could survive.....................