Because Sunday is the day after tomorrow

I don't want a dishwasher

Where the leprechaun flew over the rainbow

I don't need the super hero

Who saved the piggies from the dirty shorts

I have plenty of toilet paper

And it's too hot for a sweater

All I want is a banana

I don't want a dancing chipmunk

I have no use for a toaster oven

I might like a pizza milkshake

But there are more important mangos to fry

I'm all full of kittens and butterflies

I have no need for pet chimpanzee

I definitely don't want a box of fleas

I want a banana

I'm allergic to fairy dust

I'll only eat gophers if I must

I don't care what the Easter Bunny has

And I am scaredof the Muffin Man

I know how many pancakes fit inside a doghouse

I told you I don't want a dead mouse

I am the Llama!

I want a banana!