Driving through a city made of concrete and asphalt,

Wishing this could never end,

Songs of sadness filled with so much elation,

Sung by five friends completely off key,

But to us it's perfect,

And perfect it will remain in our memories.

A sudden turn brings that all to end,

And the wall we hit takes the perfection for its own,

To hide the scars of an accident,

Pinned against the seat and my friends,

I remember that perfection and how brief it was,

And I say don't worry about it,

I'll be happy where I'm going,

And this night's perfection will never fade.



Psycho synthetic.

Images created of imagination,

Then ruined by cremation,

Only to be reborn as a new nation.

Rising as a phoenix,

To create a new mix,

Without American civics.

Legal acronyms,

With miniature sins,

Sharing the same colored skins.

Shadows with names,

And no teenage games,

And love without shame.

A gigantic picture of happiness,

Melded together to fill the emptiness.

Bright lights under the backlight,

Skin glowing with the paint,

Of labels of society,

Green for those acceptable,

Black for those Goths,

Purple for the queers,

Yellow for the Jews,

Striped for the lawbreakers.

An endless menagerie of color that most can not accept.

Green hands ready to crush the working man,
greedy for more money,

The source of its power,

Forcing industry upon anyone unworthy of culture,

But there is no culture in vanity,

No hope in greed.

Someday we will not take it from the man.

Human nature will make sure of that,

Creating a world wide anarchy,

Then another culture will be built,

Meant to be perfect,

But always just a step above the next,

We strive for perfection,

But how can anything be perfect,

When we contaminate everything around us?

Empty coffee cans,

Filled with sunflower shells,

A testament to the time spent for nothing,

A great work that monkeys could produce,

As soon as their done with their Shakespeare on typewriters,

Give it time and something will do it,

Better faster,

And with less trouble.

But Shakespeare still has not had that day,

When his work is only fit for primates.

So our culture waits for the next phenomena,

And the next disaster to profit off of,

Selling story rights and commercializing pain,

And loss.

Maybe its time to show sympathy for the hurting ones,

Instead of feeding the fools.

Frightening silhouettes on my eyes,

Open wounds bleeding,

Blood gluing the shadows,

Into what they aren't,

Splicing them together into,

My fears of loss and empty spaces.

Hearts broken with a glance,

Opposite effects with time

Glowing eyes I cant forget,

Blinking my heart away,

Emblazoned on my mind.

So I welcome the drugs,

Dramamine tripping,

And gin sipping.

Alcohol for the pain and,

Dramamine for the fun,

And THC for happiness.

No one to love,

Happiness just a dream,

That comes in small doses,

From my friends.

But now it's not enough,

I need to forget these silhouettes,

Of glowing eyes and bleeding hearts,

I need to sleep off the hangover,

And fine a new beginning in something.

Rose lined shadows,

Empty accept for the heart.

Throbbing in unison with mine.

Connecting the feelings of the world in some primeval way,

But I only care about one heart,

One shadow lined not with rose,

But with memories,

The only heart that beats against mine,

My counter personality,

Relentless in its opposing,

I just want to be with it,

For every beat I change,

It changes against me,

Until it is even with everyone else,

And I in unison with myself.

That is the price I pay for loving someone I really did not know,

And now I am feeling only myself which might as well make me emotionless,

Then I open my eyes and see the face of who did this to me,

Who took away all the emotions I felt from other people,

See her face,

And realize,

It was all worth it.