The road is one long, lonely heartbeat
A long, black, cold, coiling passage into infinity
A thin film of water, like silk, is draped across the ground
The tires whisper softly with the taste of the cool fluid
The engine rumbles contentedly to itself as we whisk along

That singular melancholic aloneness
It diffuses through the car like a ghostly presence
The windows rolled down letting the cold air roll through
That bittersweet taste of chilled freedom
Communing with the sound of the wind as it churns by

And the road churns by
It's the only road I have ever traveled
The only road that I have ever known
Deep black melancholy paved over a million shades of gray
And off to either side the night's embrace beckons seductively

But even in this place of wondrous emptiness and freedom
The world seems to seep in through the cracks of my soul
Mortality and vice dripping like thick syrup, like partially clotted blood
Reminding me of all those things that eat away at my being
Reminding me of why I treasure this icy, barren place

And as the night of the world threatens my solitude,
As it creeps up upon the windows of my soul and the world grows dim,
This is when I see redemption drifting upon a cloud shining like the sun
That one amazing virtue that carves through the shroud of pain draped across my soul
Love is what makes it all worthwhile

Love levels the mightiest of vices and exhorts the humblest of hermits to greatness
Love is the sacrifice of the martyr and the compassion of a true mother
Gone are all the petty, greedy scramblings of grown children
Gone is everything but that radiance of being, that selfless gift of one's very soul
For a heart truly filled with love has little room for anything else

A flood unleashed upon the human soul
Sweeping away all the artifice and vice built up
Tearing across the vastness of the heart
And filling it with crystal pure waters of compassion
And then words begin to fail

Communing with the sound of the wind as it churns by
Communing with the ray of hope as it warms up my soul
Communing with the echoes of the world as it stumbles blindly
Communing with silence in my soul
A strange communion.

1:04 am