Second Chance

The day was hot, the park was packed

Once I saw her, I couldn't relax

Wanted to talk to her, to get her facts

Her name, her number, maybe even her sign

Spend some time with her, and take her out sometime

Don't use cat calls, so I said hello

Acted is she didn't hear me, but she had a glow

Plus the way she walked created a nine

Walked back again, my past she remind

Only couple minutes later, but my life rewind

Had to try again, just a word from her this time

Said excuse me this time, and she came over

Couldn't hear me at first, so she came closer

You gotta help with this poem is what I told her

Said to write about people, so I chose her

Told me her name was Vicky, she could have lied

And not too long with her, said she was short of time

Then the way she smiled, made me wish she was mine

Saw her couple more times, but wasn't done yet

Took too long, wasted my time, she had already left