Solicit Serpent Seduction

By: K.F.

When the brightest light
Burns out, and blackened night
Blinds your innocent eyes
But still your ears hear the serpent lies
The serpentine facade
Buries the truth in a tomb of sod

Poison drips from invisible fangs
As ropes burn the neck and hangs
Struggling, dying dead men
Gleaming crimson eyes echo from the den
Seven Sins slither with desire
Greedy men burn in satanic fire

The candles of Heaven snuffed out
Wax cries in terror and wicks pout
Shadows dances in joyous havoc, serenade
Depressing songs of potent degrade
To ruin spirits and endow with pain
Cinders all are left of the sane

Candle wax blood, and extinguished heart-fire
Emotional death on a pyre
Bodies twist and melt
You'll never know what I've felt
My soul splintered and shattered
You don't care, cause you're the only one who mattered

I can feel your basilisk tongue, touch my face
Feel it touch me, every place
Dragging it slowly along
Eyes reflect my mourning song
But glee shines, ambient from your eyes
Basking around your selfish, twisted lies

My serpent hides deep in it's cage
Timid and unborn of rage
Piercing darkness finds it
Showering seduction before he's bit
Solicit serpent's dance, enticing
The falsehood so mesmerizing