Stranger at my


The night is slowly shifting

Setting in

A cold blanket that promises shadows of deceit

Muffled sweet voices harmonious in their soft melodies

Shift me back

To those innocent days

And those innocent times

When everything seemed so right

Childish memories and as I reach out my small hand

I can almost touch it

And taste it

The past is as fragile as the future

A bubble just floating, waiting to break

The lights are flickering on

In the windows

And the trees are reaching out

Beseeching and praying

Lifting their tall trunks

Proud with years of labour and wisdom

The clocks are turning back

Then forward

Bursting in a cloud of flame

Knots and bolts, Cogs and wheels

Rolling away

And as I witness all of this

I just sit right and wait

For there's a stranger at my door

And he's come to take me away