Forgive and Forget

I wanted you to feel bad,
But I didn't know you'd cry,
I wanted it to become better,
The relationship of you and I.

'Coz I do love you,
and you do know it,
and will love you,
no matter what you commit.

Just admit you're wrong,
It's not a crime,
It wont take you long,
It wont cost you a dime.

'Coz what I do,
is all for your own good,
and what I'd do,
Is only what I should.

Just do your part,
Go ahead. Apologize
But let it be from your heart,
I don't want a bunch of lies.

Then would be my part,
To forgive and forget.

(A/N: Heyllo! Thanks for clicking here. Apreciate it. Alot. Like I mentioned in the update on my profile - Which i'm sure noone even bothered to read - I found some of my old poems somewhere in the back of my closet..No kidding..I think i wrote this 2 years ago..Im not sure..But I know I wrote it after a bad fight with my now 13 year old brother..yeah..he can be annoying sometimes! But I love him to death and i make sure he knows that! N e ways, please be kind and leave a review..I'd like to know what you think! Thanx again!! 3)

..Just me, Meme D