I was the epitome of "different"


Nothing anyone said could stop me

I could do anything

Be anyone

But it wasn't right

Now I'm content to wait on a shelf

With thousands of look-alike dolls

Born to please someone

Easily amused, as you

Programmed to be

What you tell us to be

They script our thoughts

Around hateful sentiment

Distance us from everything

Perfect, plastic bodies

Wired to cardboard

They mute our screams

And make it our mission

To wait for you to see

Which one of us is best

Which box has fewer dents

Though we're all the same

We live to be your favorite

Seven months under plastic

Empty shivers pierce my artificial skin

And I beg to be your doll

Dress me up to please you

Perfect my pretty hair

Or tear it from my scalp

Lose my few accessories

Break anything attached

Then throw me in the trash

They say that broken toys

Were simply loved too much

I let you use me as you please

No screams escaped my lips

No desire in your eyes

To break my body

Just to have your way

Still I believed

This was my purpose

Until you bought another doll

To love

In your own, twisted way